Watch Indigenous Leader Patricia Gualinga and 12 Must-See Luncheon Highlights

At our 2015 Annual Luncheon Fundraiser in San Francisco on Thursday, November 19, nearly 2000 volunteers and participants gathered in person and online to celebrate our partnership and what we have accomplished together, and to explore the work we still have to do.

Patricia Gualinga, Global Indigenous Leader from the Sarayaku Community of Ecuador, shared why in the difficult struggle that indigenous nations face, it is crucial to have unconditional support from organizations like Pachamama Alliance.

A History of Partnering with Indigenous Nations

The Luncheon began with Pachamama Alliance co-founder Lynne Twist discussing Pachamama Alliance’s history as an organization that partners with indigenous people in the Sacred Headwaters region of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their land and culture.

Visualizing Potential Impact of Oil Exploitation in the Rainforest

Co-founder Bill Twist showed us where the most biodiverse area in the Amazon rainforest—and possibly in the entire world—overlaps with our indigenous partners’ territories where the government of Ecuador would like to drill for oil.

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Words from Our Partners in Ecuador

Manari Ushigua, President of the Sápara Nation of Ecuador, discussed how our partnership has resulted in sustaining the health of the rainforest and their land and culture.

Narcisa Mashienta, Shuar leader and Jungle Mamas Program Coordinator, explained her work to care for the health of mothers and babies—saving lives in the rainforest.

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Ecuador Program Director, Belén Páez, talked about how indigenous power can prevail in the face of development in their territories due to the unity and connection with the spirits of the forest and the way we work together.

Creating a Shift in Human Consciousness Across the Globe

Co-founder John Perkins explained how this partnership between Pachamama Alliance and our indigenous partners informs our educational programs and Communities. As a response to our indigenous partners’ request to change the dream of the modern world, we created these programs to help bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet—a shift in human consciousness across the globe.

Bill Twist added that the transformative educational programs of our Up to Us engagement pathway wake people up, and defined what that means.

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Creating Change with the Up to Us Engagement Pathway

Up to Us team members, Maisa Arias and Mario Trigueros explained the programs of Pachamama Alliance’s Up to Us engagement pathway and shared the impact of those programs.

We premiered a new video demonstrating the impact these programs have on people’s lives and the world.

Lynne Twist shared that we are all caught in the trance of the modern world, but that we can wake up from it. And one way is through partnership and engagement with Pachamama Alliance.

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Looking Forward

Bill Twist boldly stated that the petroleum era is coming to a close. However, he encouraged everyone to stand with our indigenous partners to continue to preserve their land and culture until the threat of rainforest destruction is gone forever.

Lynne Twist questioned if is it still possible to stand for the possibility of life despite so many horrendous events happening on a global scale. She affirmed that it is.

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