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Gina Jacobs

Gina Jacobs

Marketing and Communications Director

Gina comes to us from the for-profit arena where she spent 25 years building differentiated brands, bringing products to market, positioning companies as market leaders, and driving revenue through integrated marketing programs, detailed execution management, thoughtful analysis and focused team leadership. The companies she has supported over her career span regional, national and global geographies across a variety of verticals including business communications, software, high tech and entertainment. She is a passionate, results-driven marketing professional who understands the importance of “story” and creating a consistent message that people can relate to and share with others. She holds an MBA from Golden Gate University and lives in Livermore with her husband and their two dogs.

“I feel incredibly blessed to join The Pachamama Alliance team and dedicate my full and undivided attention to supporting their mission to create a harmonious Human-Earth relationship. I believe its time for the human race to step back into our purpose of caring for the Earth and all of her beautiful beings and I’m excited to help make that so.”

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Jon Symes

Jon Symes

Outreach Director

As Outreach Director of the Pachamama Alliance Jon is accountable for the representing the organization to new audiences and for fashioning collaborative partnerships with organizations across the USA. He is also engaged in enrolling and training volunteers as leaders in the citizen’s movement for an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

“I was at the first Symposium in the UK in 2006 and saw immediately how this message aligned with my just-published book, Your Planet Needs You. I dived in, as a volunteer in the UK, and was surprised, delighted and challenged by the invitation to join the Pachamama Alliance team here in San Francisco. There is no more fulfilling place for me to provide my energy and skills than this world-changing work.”

Jon set up and ran a number of companies in the UK, including a training and development consultancy working with major blue-chip corporations across Europe, and in so doing gained valuable experience in consultancy, training, coaching and public speaking. His own awakening had him step away from that work, finding in its stead a call to communicate the problems and opportunities of this time.

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Roger Knoren

Roger Knoren

Outreach Coordinator

Roger focuses on expanding the reach and impact of the Up to Us program; in conjunction with the Outreach Director, he is also responsible for developing and managing partnerships.

“As my journey broadens, I realize more and more that we are all connected. To me, nothing is more inspiring than the awareness of this connection. It drives me to live awake, which can in turn inspire others. I volunteered at a Pachamama Alliance luncheon and I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else. I am so happy to be part of The Pachamama Alliance, inspired and motivated to contribute in any way I can.”

Roger’s previous activities include his work as a scenic director for some of the world’s leading music festivals. He conceptualized, designed and constructed outdoor stages and special events all across Europe. He studied architecture and photography and started his career as a video jockey. In 2013 Roger moved from The Netherlands to the US and started re-aligning his career with his values.

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Ryan Andersen

Ryan Andersen

Online Communications Manager

Ryan is accountable for overseeing the development, optimization, maintenance, and strategy of the websites and online tools of The Pachamama Alliance and its initiatives.

“Working for The Pachamama Alliance is the dream job for me. I am committed to bringing forth an online presence for The Pachamama Alliance that incorporates the utmost best practices and cutting edge techniques so that we may tell the story of our critical work to many more people around the world.”

Ryan graduated from the University of California Santa Barabara (UCSB) in 2007 with a degree in music composition. During his senior year of college Ryan was the Co-Chair of the Environmental Affairs Board where, among many other activities, he was instrumental in encouraging Chancellor Yang to sign onto the American Colleges and Universities President Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) as a founding member. After graduating from UCSB, Ryan worked as the Executive Assistant to the Founder and Website Project Manager of Greenopia, founded One Night Music, an online venue for live music performances of local and independent musicians, worked with Fairview Gardens, one of the oldest organic farms in Southern California, and directed the Online Communications for the California Student Sustainability Coalition. Shortly after moving to San Francisco the spring of 2010, Ryan began working for The Pachamama Alliance. In addition to his work with non-profit organizations, Ryan composes music which can be found at ryanandersenmusic.com.

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Cassie Stiftl

Cassie Stiftl

Social Media Coordinator

Cassie is responsible for building and engaging our online communities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linked In, creating daily content that inspires and educates. She also writes regularly for the Pachamama Alliance blog.

“It’s fun. I love that I come to work every day and send stories out into the world that inspire people to take action. I get to work with awesome and talented people who believe in the values that the organization embodies. I love that we are doing something that’s never been done before, combining environmental and social justice with spiritual fulfillment. We want to infuse our culture with this new story. Our indigenous partners in the Amazon have full agency in our collaborations, and that makes me proud to work here.”

Cassie received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Social Behavior and Women’s Studies from the University of California, Irvine. There she developed a theoretical understanding of social justice, and how it is deeply interconnected with environmental justice. She has also contributed to a study for the Public Health Institute in Oakland, CA on teen relationship abuse. Cassie enjoys gardening, hiking, doing silly dances, and analyzing popular culture. She began as an intern at the Pachamama Alliance, and the rest is history.

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Celine Ho

Celine Ho

Online Communications Coordinator

Celine is responsible for all email communications, while supporting other media promotion projects and website maintenance.

“As Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see,’ every little action we take resonates in our everyday lives. The Pachamama Alliance embodies the need to create a better world through sustainable, conscientious living. My goal is to resonate these conscientious ideas to the world.”

Celine received her Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Davis. A curious learner at heart, she can often be found expanding her coding knowledge, or going to a Zumba class.

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