Take Action to Defend 10 Million Acres of Pristine Rainforest

Ecuador's government is moving forward with the next phase of the 11th Oil Round, opening up 10 million acres of pristine rainforest to petroleum companies. Our indigenous partners are calling on you to let President Correa know this can't happen.

You Were Born for This Moment

Yes, this moment-the one full of environmental, social, and spiritual crises. It's your opportunity to live one of the most meaningful lives in history.

Our indigenous partners in the Amazon know this, too - the Kichwa nation represented in the video above as well as the Shuar, Waorani, Sapara, Shiwiar, and Achuar nations.

Their ancestral lands and cultures will be directly impacted by this XIth Round, but they're clear that this is a struggle on behalf of all life: theirs, yours, and that of future generations.

Support and investment from allies like you have already made so much possible:

  • An extremely weak response from oil companies in the government's bidding process to auction oil blocks. Only 3 of 16 blocks were bid on. Despite this, indigenous communities want to halt this process.
  • Over 50 workshops for indigenous people throughout the Amazon, ensuring that their collective, unified voices were heard about their opposition to oil development and promoting alternatives.
  • Crucial legal support to the Kichwa people of Sarayaku, leading to an historic ruling in July 2012 that affirmed and strengthened indigenous people's right to free, prior, and informed consultation

There's still time to turn this situation around if we take action and let our indigenous partners know we've got their backs.

Step up as their ally and tell President Correa that he too has an historic opportunity to safeguard life on Earth for generations to come!

It's Simple: If the Earth Can't Breathe, You Can't Breathe

Without the Amazon, the "lungs of the planet," life just won't work.

Rainforests keep our climate stable and maintain the global balance of water, carbon, and oxygen-the crucial elements that make life possible.

And the Amazon rainforest is the most developed rainforest on the entire planet.

  • Over two-thirds of all fresh water on Earth is found within the Amazon basin
  • Over 20% of the world's oxygen is produced there.

We know from examples like Chevron/Texaco in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon that once the damage is done, no amount of money after the fact can bring back the life-giving powers of the forest.

This is our opportunity to stop that damage before it even begins.

Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa, needs to see that we are his allies supporting him to take visionary leadership, and that the Amazon's indigenous peoples are his partners in creating a legacy for future generations.

Send President Correa and Cabinet Ministers a message now encouraging them to stop the XIth Round and pursue alternative development strategies for Ecuador and all life!

The Oil Round Process in the Amazon Can Be Unpredictable

We knew that when we launched this campaign to stand with our indigenous partners in resisting the XIth Round.

Even so, our global community responded with extraordinary support for an initial effort that contributed to Ecuador twice postponing the oil round bidding process. And it resulted in very little interest by oil companies submitting bids.

That in itself is a sign that the Ecuadorian government's plans are not yet solidified. Indigenous people and their allies have an opportunity to continue resisting, delaying, and ultimately ending the progress of this oil round.

Our indigenous partners are standing strong with a united front against the government's plans.

They've specifically asked you and their other allies in the modern world to put pressure on the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, and his government by sending a letter. This is the first time Pachamama Alliance has ever launched a letter writing campaign online, the first time we've asked our worldwide community to take an action like this. But we've always been willing to take on new things in the name of being allies, and we know you are, too.

Join us in fulfilling our indigenous partners' request: Make your voice heard by sending your letter today!