This video taken from the International Space Station shows Earth from a unique and timeless perspective. We see a planet teeming with life and artificial light, while other areas remain blanketed in a natural and potent darkness.

From swirling clouds, to green land masses, to the vast expanse of the deep blue ocean, the vibrancy of our beautiful planet is on full display. This cosmic snapshot of the planet gives a sense of the ongoing cycle of earthly life, and its dynamic presence embedded everywhere and in everything.

Whether we view Earth from the Space Station or look out at our own back yard, it is critical that Earth’s vitality not be taken for granted. At The Pachamama Alliance we are committed to honoring a sacred relationship with the Earth and generating a sustainable and enduring future.

At our Annual Luncheon Fundraiser in San Francisco we invite people like you from all over the world to join us and thousands of other allies in co-creating a more sustainable and just future for The Pachamama. That future belongs to all Life and we can all play a part in realizing this dream!

Join Us For Our Annual Luncheon Fundraiser