Painting by Miguel A. Cartagena: Inca Seqes

This painting, by Cusco artist Miguel Araoz Cartagena, is showcased within the walls of the Qorikancha temple in Cusco. It represents the network of imaginary lines (“seqes”) that radiated from that very same place, and connected all the sacred places (“wakas”) of the Inca Empire.

A few months ago, The Pachamama Alliance staff had a day of healing with the indigenous Peruvian leader, Arkan. He introduced us to the “seqes” system, and we are now exploring with him how we can use this ancient technology to build, connect and strengthen The Pachamama Alliance community around the world.

It is believed that the “wakas” could communicate with each other through the “seqes,” and possibly, each “waka” made an offering to mother earth on an assigned day of the Inca calendar. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what unites the global Pachamama Alliance community, and what type of offering could each local community do to honor our commitment to an environmentally sustainable, social just and spiritually fulfilling presence on earth. Leave your comments below!

You can learn more about Miguel Araoz’s work here, and contact him at