Money is a powerful tool, but in the day-to-day rush of modern life, it’s easy to lose sight of how our choices about money shape our individual and collective reality.

Yet, just as our ongoing, everyday purchases have helped create our current economic reality, so our ongoing, conscious investment can create a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

The Pachamama Alliance Global Citizens monthly donor program started 15 years ago as a platform for exactly this kind of transformative grassroots investment.

This simple infographic illustrates the long-term impact of investing the cost of a cup of coffee, lunch, or a tank of gas through the Global Citizen program.

Start a New Conversation About Money

We recently launched a campaign to raise an additional $2,500 in ongoing monthly revenue by July 4th.

Raising that amount would mean $30,000 more per year for the areas of our work that most depend on consistent investment to be truly successful – work like Jungle Mamas safe birth trainings, Generation Waking Up workshops for youth, and Rights of Nature and other legal strategies.

Become a Global Citizen, share this infographic, and start a new conversation about money today.

Become a Global Citizen Monthly Donor