Rare Cosmic Triad

On March 20, 2015, three extraordinary celestial events converge: the March equinox, a total solar eclipse, and a New Moon which is also a Super Moon.

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions in January with high hopes. But it’s easy to lose sight of these commitments to ourselves during the hurry and stress of our daily lives. The cosmic events on March 20 will invoke powerful energies in and around the Earth. We invite you to connect to these energies as you renew your resolutions. The meditation below may help you to open your heart and mind to bring forth new and inspiring results in your life.

Equinox and Solar Eclipse

We are fortunate to live in a century in which the equinox and solar eclipse will converge four times. The last solar eclipse during the March equinox was in 1681, and after the 21st century, the next occurrence will be in the year 2387, so this is truly a rare event.

Important note: Please remember that safety is important when looking at or toward the sun. Eye protection is mandatory when watching a solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse and New Moon/Super Moon

A solar eclipse can only happen during a New Moon, when the moon passes directly between the sun and Earth, casting its shadow over the sun. The combination is especially powerful this month because the New Moon is also a Super Moon, meaning the moon is at its closest orbital approach to Earth. The Super Moon appears larger than an ordinary moon and also presents the greatest gravitational pull on our oceans and tides.

The Effect of a Cosmic Triad

The March equinox is a time when people might naturally feel invigorated and motivated to make changes in their lives. We could yearn to clean house, so to speak—to throw out old ways of doing things that no longer work for us and find new routines that unlock deeper levels of joy in our lives.

The New Moon is a time to renew our commitments. It is an invitation for us to devote more attention to what is most important in our lives—to focus our efforts on that which makes us feel vibrant and full of life. We encourage you to engage in a New Moon Action to solidify this commitment.

Take the time to write out your affirmations and wishes during the time leading up to this new moon, as the immense power and energy created by the universe will provide extra strength to you in following through on your promises to yourself. Meditate on what you want to see happen in the world. Take a long walk in nature. Make it a daily practice to open your heart to new possibilities, and you will be surprised by what you become capable of accomplishing.

5 Ways to Recommit to Your Values


We hope you will find the following meditation helpful in manifesting the goals you have set for yourself.

Meditation for the New Moon

The following is an excerpt from a meditation written by author and spiritualist Eileen Workman:

Gaze at the fingers on your own hand. If you look with your heart and with your imagination, you can see the rain molecules there, along with those of the clouds, the trees, the animals, the sun, the very stars in the heavens that have exploded in bygone eras and flung themselves through space to create the things that now create us.

We are here. What a blessing that is! And in every moment, we each have the ability to be reborn to this truth, by renewing within ourselves our commitment to becoming the absolute best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Too often, we fear that we won’t ever have enough, or that we’ll somehow lose ourselves through the dissolution of form that is death; but these are only the fevered imaginings of minds too tiny to grasp the truth of creation.

Live your life fully. Be yourself truly. Honor and respect all others who are taking this journey with you, wherever they are in the process of fully becoming. Embrace the mystery that has gifted you this awesome opportunity to discover what is finest about yourself and to manifest it. And know, in every moment—no matter what form this life takes—you will be gifted the opportunity to renew your commitment to life…as life, everlasting.

Featured image: annular solar eclipse by Takeshi Kuboki

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