We want to see your divine self! Post a photo of yourself being your most true, authentic, divine self on your favorite social network with the hashtag #DivineSelfie. We’ll repost them on our Facebook wall to celebrate all of our divine selves that connect us to each other.

“Our Power Comes from an Alignment with the Deepest Self.”

In a recent online event with Marianne Williamson, she was asked how to best go about creating change in the world. Her response was to become aligned with your deepest self – your divine self. Once you are aligned with your divine self, you will be guided on the action you should take – that answer cannot come from another human being – only from within your deepest self.

What is Your Divine Self?

In our eguide All My Relations, John Perkins explains, “Our very purpose in this life springs from our union with a part of ourselves that is often referred to as the “core” or “divine” or “authentic” self. This self is what joins us to our surrounding community.

“The importance of this divine self is difficult to overstate, because it is what holds everything together. Our power originates in this core, and is joined to the power of all other life through it.”

How Do You Align with Your Deepest Self?

According to John Perkins, there are many onion layers that form around our core self. These layers come from expectations from parents, society, etc. about who we should be that we have accepted as true.

John Perkins introduces dreamshifting as a way of connecting to your divine self. Dreamshifting is a way of seeing and feeling that results in action that creates change in yourself and the world around you. You can learn how to dreamshift to connect with your authentic self in our Dreamshifting 101 eguide.

Show us Your #DivineSelfie

Once you’ve connected with your divine self, you can share it with everyone else! Post your #DivineSelfie, a photo of you that expresses your truest, most authentic self, and celebrate our interconnectedness!

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