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Inspired by several top ten lists I found on the internet, I created my own top ten list of why you should donate your money to a good cause, in this case, The Pachamama Alliance.

A monthly donation to The Pachamama Alliance is:

  1.  An opportunity get involved with an organization dedicated to changing the dream of the modern world
  2.  A direct reflection of your values, as aligned with our mission and vision
  3. A representation of hope for a brighter, greener future
  4. A way to give back to Mother Earth and support Rights of Nature
  5. A way to show your compassion for others, specifically the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon
  6. An entrance into a community of like-minded people, as a Global Citizen
  7. A great way to commemorate a loved one
  8.  An ongoing source of personal joy
  9. A way to make a difference, no matter the amount
  10.  Tax-deductible

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

By reallocating $10 or $20 (or another amount of your choosing) each month to The Pachamama Alliance, you will become one of many socially-conscious Global Citizens. You can be happy and proud that you are using your money to bring forth a just, sustainable, and thriving world!

Learn more about the Global Citizen Program