In a November 2011 TED talk, Michael Norton explains that the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness” is not necessarily true. He argues that “if you think money can’t buy you happiness, you’re not spending it right.” He describes spending money on ourselves as an anti-social activity and spending money on others as a pro-social activity.

How Money Can Make us Smile

Mr. Norton and his colleagues conducted a study first in Canada and Uganda, and then in over 100 countries and found that when people spend money in an anti-social manner, their happiness stays about the same. In other words, spending money on yourself will never make you happier!

Yet, when people spend money on someone else, no matter how small the amount, their happiness levels increase. As Mr. Norton summarizes, in terms of happiness, “it doesn’t matter how much you spend, it just matters that you didn’t spend it on yourself.”

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Our Global Citizen monthly giving program as an opportunity for you to increase your happiness by spending on other people and Mother Nature herself.

By reallocating $10 or $20 (or another amount of your choosing) each month to The Pachamama Alliance, you can be happy and proud that you are using your money to bring forth a just, sustainable, and thriving world!

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