Tim Macartney shared the story of indigenous people looking to nature to solve there problems. He explains that they said, “as children of Nature, she [Mother Nature] will teach us. And if we look carefully enough, we will understand, she will teach us how we must govern our people.” This is known as the “circle of law,” and led the chiefs of the indigenous people to create a fire which they named The Children’s Fire.

The Children’s Fire symbolized a commitment to allow no law, organization, or person to harm children. As Tim Macartney asks, what would it look like to see The Children’s Fire at the center of every government, institution, and organization in the world? It would be a less greedy nation, that is for certain. Like the indigenous people, we too should look to nature for answers and should most certainly integrate The Children’s Fire into our everyday lives.

To learn more about Tim Macartney and The Children’s Fire, read his book book, Finding Earth, Finding Soul. To learn more about ancient indigenous wisdom, please visit The Pachamama Alliance’s page on the Achuar people of Ecuador.

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