Image courtesy of Mother Jones

Oil, coal, fracking and other big energy-focused companies are relentless, constantly looking for new extraction locations with little regard for the environmental impact. It is a constant and tiring fight against them to protect Mother Earth.

Take a Stand for Mother Earth

This summer the fight against the big, destructive companies is heating up. There are a plethora of exciting protests taking place across the US.

This past week Jimmy Fallon, Sean Lennon (son of John and Yoko), and Yoko Ono sang a anti-fracking protest song on Fallon’s show. Also this week, a group of people in Ohio chained themselves outside a fracking injection well,  upset over their lack of monitoring the dumping of their toxic fracking waste.

In West Virginia next week, a Mountain Mobilization event will take place over the week to protest mountain top removal. The purpose of the event is to take non-violent action to stop the action of the strip mine on the mountain. The following week there will be an anti-fracking rally backed by Mark Ruffalo and Josh Fox in Washington DC.

In August coal protesters in Montana will host a two-day sit in an effort to stop the opening of new coal mines. Also in August, Texans will rally together in civil disobedience to block the creation of the section of the Keystone XL Pipeline that was approved to run through the South.

Outside of the US, indigenous people in Brazil have been occupying and protesting the Belo Monte Dam site, which is being created to generate power for the area. The dam would cause irreversible damage to the area, causing extensive amounts of flooding and uprooting a majority of the Kayapo people.

Protecting Mother Earth

With assistance from The Pachamama Alliance, indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon have been fighting against oil development in their pristine homeland. A donation to The Pachamama Alliance will directly support this fight and show your commitment to saying no to big oil and its destructive practices.