Graphic of neighbors getting to know each other

Research shows that having a strong sense of neighborhood community can increase well-being. Yet many of us are isolated from our neighbors.  In a 2009 study conducted by the Pew Research Center, only 19% of people polled said they knew all of their neighbors’ names, and only 24% said they knew most of them.  The poll also revealed that 29% knew only some of their neighbors by name, and 28% knew none of their neighbors’ names.

Tips for Getting to Know Your Neighbors

Want to get to know your neighbors better but aren’t sure where to get started?  Follow this link to an article titled “10 Ways To Love Where You Live” to get ideas on how to connect more meaningfully with those you live near.  Some of the article’s suggestions include:

  • Planting a front-yard vegetable garden and inviting your neighbors to partake.
  • Using more communication-friendly privacy methods.  For example, rather than building a high fence, use plants and flowers to create personal boundaries.
  • Survey what assets and skills your neighbors could contribute should there ever be a crisis.  This can bring neighbors together and create a sense of sharing and cohesion by assessing “emergency preparedness.”
  • Create a neighborhood online network that neighbors can use as a resource for anything from borrowing tools to offering babysitting.

How have you gotten to know your neighbors? Please share your tips in the comments below!