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Omnicentre - South Africa

Omnicentre - South Africa Community Photo
  • Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Community Since: Dec, 2013
  • Size: 6 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

We hold a belief that humans and wilderness are inextricably related.  In the past pre-industrial cultures understood this and lived in a way that was symbiotic with the natural world.  From this point of view, the primary crisis we face as the twenty-first century dawns is the disappearance of wilderness along with the cultures that lived within and understood its lore.  We believe that any work aimed at the restoration of balance on this planet needs to incorporate at its core a re-engagement with wilderness and those remaining primal cultures that still have a working relationship with it.  The natural world is far more than mere resources to be managed for the future of the human species.  It is a fundamental reflection of our deepest nature.  It is the source of who and what we are in the most profound sense of what it means to be alive.


Our Mission

We wish to work with organisations, leaders, groups and individuals in dealing with the challenges of our time.

The Areas This Community Includes

We currently have representation in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Our Community Story

A few like-minded people decided to form a group to provide support to each other and to link to other organisations and movements, locally as well as globally. We decided to align ourselves to Pachamama Alliance as we are as committed to a socialy just, ecologically sustainable and spiritually fullfilling world as they are. Moreover, we are inspired by their resilience and achievements.

Southern Africa is a region rich in both biodiversity and cultural diversity.  Cultural diversity is deeply reliant on biodiversity and resilience of both the biosphere and the cultures that live within it.  Over the last 150 years, Southern Africa has been swept up in a wave of industrial globalization.  The rich diversity of both the natural world and the cultures that were related to it are rapidly disappearing to be replaced by an industrial wasteland populated by a western monoculture.

Over the last twenty years we have gathered together as a group of people who believe that this is a terrible crisis that needs urgent engagement.  Our network includes organizations such as African Biodiversity Network and the Gaia Foundation.

Our Community Activities

For all of us the central focus is the restoration of both culture and biodiversity.  We work with indigenous communities in Southern Africa who are committed to the preservation of their traditional cultures and the lands that are home to those cultures. The work includes: rebuilding indigenous cultural resilience through the strengthening of traditional practices,  lobbying governments for the preservation of sacred sites, working towards restoring local indigenous governance systems, and protecting the remaining wilderness regions of South Africa.

We run workshops and immersion processes in wilderness areas where we create an interface between traditional elders, knowledge keepers and people from the industrialized world.  We also facilitate work within indigenous communities to help build resilience and re-establish traditional practices that nurture the vital relationship between humans and the natural world.


Additional Information

Since 2000 some of our members have been running workshops and gatherings for elders from diverse indigenous cultures from all over Africa who are interested in regenerating their traditional ways of life and who share our belief that this work is vital to the future of life on this planet.  We also facilitate gatherings and forums between elders from indigenous communities from all over the world.

Colin does a lot of work internationally, and specifically offers/runs a number of courses at  Shumacher College in Devon, the UK.