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Rochester, New York Pachamama Community

Rochester, New York Pachamama Community Community Photo
  • Location: Rochester, New York, United States
  • Community Since: Nov, 2012
  • Size: 15 Members
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Who We Are and What We Do

We are a growing, active Pacha community that is passionate about sharing the pachamama vision in the update New York area.  We are eager to welcome anyone who shares this purpose and to collaborate with other groups involved in The Great Turning!

Our Mission

Our goal is "to create a vibrant, diverse and inter-generational community of committed global citizens/agents of change who are engaged in actions to bring forth the Pachamama Alliance vision of a new earth community of sustainability, justice and spiritual fulfillment.  Our community will continue to grow as it welcomes, empowers and offers support and engagement opportunities to new people who have been awakened through the ATD symposium - and keeps ongoing communication with all past ATD participants."

The Areas This Community Includes

We are centered in Rochester but others from surrounding areas are welcome to join us if they're willing to drive to Rocheser for our events.  And we are actively supporting other communities who want to experience the symposium.  This Spring we have three symosiums scheduled. Please check the Pachamama events page.

We also have a  facilitator training available in Ithaca.

Our Community Story

The Awakening the Dreamer/ Changing the Dream Symposium first came to Rochester through the Sisters of Mercy in May, 2012. Soon after that two participants of that symposium began offering the symposium among our personal networks using the ATD DVD.  Then on Nov 17,2012  22 people gathered at St. Monica Church for a 6 hour symposium using the DVD.  On Nov 18 another (live) symposium was hosted by Rochester Greenovation and led by a team of facilitators from Ithaca and Syracuse.  It is from participants of these symposiums that we began to form a Pacha community. 11 Facilitators were trained in the fall of 2013, forming a vibrant and active core team.  Since then we have offered 12 symposiums in the Rochester area. Since 2012 we have offered a book club, gatherings for the Solstice, and send out a monthly newsletter to past participanst and others who are interested in our work.

Our Community Activities

Our core team of about 15  meets regularly  to help set direction for our work, inspired and empowered by the Pachamama Alliance national leadership.  Many of us have been educated and empowered by the Game Changer Intensive, as well as our monthly meetings that often include the PA facilitator calls.  We have a shared leadership model that appreciates and channels the unique gifts of each member, and supports each other in our commitment as agents of change.  We are delighted to welcome others who want to join us!.  We are grounded in our connection with each other and all creation.   We are active in developing relationships with individuals and organizations in the Rochester and surrounding communities - finding groups to host symposiums and collaborating in supporting our shared vision.  We are especially connected with the Rochester chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby.  ...

Additional Information

Through our monthly newsletter we try to support and empower our large group of past participants by informing them about opportunities to learn and engage in action. (e.g. the Game Changer Intensive, Peoples Climate March on 9/21 in NYC, etc.)  We offer the opportunity for a book discussion group, when there's interest. . See events calendar for details.