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The Pachamama Alliance AVAAZ Affirms the Amazon
is a Global Concern


This week, the efforts of our indigenous partners and their allies got a huge boost when major campaign website launched a new petition calling on Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa to protect the Amazon from oil exploitation.

Avaaz’s campaign is an affirming sign of growing global concern about what’s happening in the Amazon. It also adds weight to related campaigns, including our joint campaign with Amazon Watch calling on President Correa to stop new oil development in 10 million acres of pristine rainforest.

In the first day, they have reached more than 400,000 signatures. Let's keep the momentum going!

Add your name to the campaign and share with others now »

With Ecuador’s presidential elections coming up next month, this is a powerful opportunity to amplify the voices of people in Ecuador and around the world who are fed up with oil companies’ profits taking priority over the future of life in the Amazon rainforest and, by extension, the planet as a whole.

The campaign specifically mentions the Kichwa community of Sani Isla, whose story we shared in our January newsletter last week. As last year’s historic court win for the people of Sarayaku showed, taking action for one community can set a precedent that benefits all of Ecuador’s indigenous peoples and the rainforest.

As our indigenous allies continue to build their capacity in 2013 as spokespeople for a more just, sustainable, and fulfilling future for all, openings like this will become more and more important.

So let’s make the most of this moment: sign on to the campaign and forward this email to a friend today »

In solidarity for our future,


Bill Twist
Co-founder & CEO

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