The Game Changer Intensive is a seven-week online course to educate, inspire, and equip you to be a pro-activist leader, a game changer in your community.

It's Time to Change the Rigged Game

Picking up where the Symposium leaves off, the Intensive is about both personal and planetary transformation: who we need to be and what we need to do at this momentous time in human history. The Intensive catalyzes the inner work of transformation and aims to inspire and equip you to engage in effective collective action in the world.

Follow a seven-week course featuring six modules of course material — videos, readings, and activities — delivered through an online platform that allows for group interaction in structured online discussion forums. Meet online with a small group of 12 participants who are your learning partners throughout the course. Gatherings of the full class of hundreds of participants provide for further live interaction with your fellow game changers.

What the Intensive Will Provide for You

  • Delve deeper into the themes introduced in the Symposium. Transform how you relate to yourself and to the world. Promote your well-being and the well-being of the planet.
  • Get in touch with the compassion and internal resources you need to take impactful action. Ground yourself in the wisdom and knowledge of great visionaries of our time.
  • Build community with a diverse cohort of participants across the country and the world. Join with powerful movements for change that strike at the root causes of the great challenges of our time.
  • Learn at home, online, and on your schedule. Engage with thoughtfully selected videos, readings, and discussion topics. Join, rich, facilitated discussions via conference call.

Organized into 6 Interactive Modules

The Game Changer Intensive is organized into 6 learning modules, first grounding you in the principles of global citizenship, and guiding you through rich material to be effective, active creators of the future we want.

Foundations of Game Changing

Modules 1 & 2

What does it really mean to change the game? What are the key principles of game changing leadership? Situate yourself in the cosmology of the universe. Engage with our collective responsibility as human beings for shaping the evolution of life on Earth.

Look at the prevailing mindset of denial, discouragement, and despair about the future, and consider the case for embracing an authentic sense of hope and inspiration that is grounded in the urgency and difficult truths of our current, historic moment.

The Power of Story and the Rigged Game

Modules 3 & 4

What keeps things the way they are, and how do we really make change? Examine the cultural stories at the heart of the environmental devastation, social injustice, and spiritual alienation that afflict our world now. Develop your capacity to see our beliefs and social norms as created stories, rather than as "the truth," and find yourself in a new meta-story that is based on connection, compassion and relatedness.

Confront the reality of the "rigged game" -- the institutions and systems of social injustice that benefit some and dis-empower others. Look at the growing disparity of income as a primary example of the rigged game. Learn what it means to take action for transformation at the collective and systemic level, as an extension of your personal transformation and growth.

Moving into Action

Modules 5 & 6

What would it take to "democratize our democracy"? Confront the great failure of the U.S. democratic process, and examine how this underpins so many other crises we face and seemingly can’t resolve. Confront the urgent threat of climate change. Explore solutions that get at the root of these two issues in a way that truly changes the game. Get to know national partner organizations that are building grassroots movements to (1) democratize our democracy through amending the U.S. constitution, and (2) shift the trajectory of climate change by putting a price on carbon emissions.

Get grounded in who we need to be, what we need to know, and how we need to proceed to be effective, pro-active creators of the future we want. Arm yourself with the courage and resources to stay in the game with power, purpose, partnership, and love.