Monthly Gathering: Weaving New Forms of Expression with Melissa Cody

Dec 11, 2012 7:00pm - 9:00pm PST

1630 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA, United States, 94133

Join us this month as fiber artist Melissa Cody shares her unique perspective on creatively (and literally) weaving indigenous traditions together with modern processes, while also reflecting on the link between our bodies and the Earth.

Melissa’s presentation will focus on her Parkinson’s disease (PD) series of three weavings, which use traditional Navajo patterns to represent and reflect her father’s PD and its effects and progression. 

Her inspiration for the series was drawn from the fact that PD is more common in persons from rural areas who drink well water.  The groundwater where she lives is contaminated from uranium mining so there is also a high risk of developing cancer.

Melissa is currently an artist-in-residence at the De Young museum.

Event Details

  • 7:00pm: We will start with a brief update and introduction to The Pachamama Alliance
  • 8:00-9:00pm: Melissa Cody’s presentation and Q&A

Come early! Our venue, Peña Pachamama – located in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco – is a South American restaurant. Delicious organic appetizers and entrees are available starting at 6:00pm (no host).

More About Melissa Cody & Kua`aina Associates

Coming from a “Navajo weaving” tradition, Melissa’s work is a combination of traditional patterns deconstructed and reworked, breaching the restrictive boundaries of “regional” and “trading post” influenced styles, and signifying her as a new wave weaver, which she finds to be vital in the continuation of creativity.

Her current audience is made up of peers, collectors of contemporary and modern art, and more importantly individuals who are unfamiliar to fiber arts, but are attracted to emotional expression.

Kua`aina Associates was established in 2006 and is a Berkeley-based public charitable organization 501(c)(3). Kua`aina partners with and assists indigenous peoples with art and cultural projects worldwide, supporting the continuity of indigenous knowledge and expression to evoke a new vision during a new time and embrace a universal message of peace, compassion, tolerance, and healing.