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Download this Free Book Preview: The Time of the Black Jaguar

An Offering of Indigenous Wisdom for the Continuity of Life on Earth

A cosmic time of renewal has arrived on Earth, calling for new stories that can be the foundations of a healthy world where humans are open in their hearts and relaxed in their bodies, free to be dedicated to add beauty to the beauty that already exists.

In his new book, The Time of the Black Jaguar, author Arkan Lushwala shares a mentality – the one carried by Indigenous people since ancient times – that has the power to make possible the conception of such new stories.

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More About the Author

Author Arkan Lushwala is a teacher and ceremonial leader entrusted with both indigenous Peruvian and Lakota traditions.

He embodies a connection between North and South, indigenous and “modern,” that is invaluable for humanity at this time of great change – a connection he invites you to share through this book. Over the past year, Arkan has been a key partner in guiding staff and Board of The Pachamama Alliance in this exploration.

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