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Dedicated Giving

Whether you choose to honor a birthday, holiday, marriage, or memory, you’ll be affirming and sharing the gift of life through your investment in The Pachamama Alliance.

Ideas for Dedications

Dedicating your gift is a wonderful way to honor someone you love. Dedicated gifts are also an opportunity for your friends and family to share your passion for the work and vision of The Pachamama Alliance. Below are a few ideas for incorporating dedicated gifts into your celebrations.

  • Birthdays: Request that money others would spend on gifts for you instead be gifted to The Pachamama Alliance.
  • Holidays: Redefine what it means to celebrate the season with your friends and family with dedicated gifts to The Pachamama Alliance.
  • Weddings: In lieu of a conventional wedding registry, invite guests to invest in The Pachamama Alliance in your name.
  • Baby Showers and Baptisms: Honor the next generation by investing in a just, thriving, and sustainable future through The Pachamama Alliance.
  • Memorials: A dedicated gift is a heartfelt and long-lasting alternative to a cut flower arrangement.