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Stewardship Circle Major Giving

When you choose to align your resources with your values as a Stewardship Circle member, your ongoing investment can provide the power to get our most innovative endeavors off the ground.

Extraordinary Giving

As a Stewardship Circle member, you’ll commit to invest $5,000 or more per year for three years with The Pachamama Alliance. You’ll join over 200 families reallocating resources between $5,000 – $250,000 per year in their annual pledge.

Together with this dynamic community of entrepreneurs, community leaders, and executives, your ongoing investment enables us to strategically grow our initiatives and achieve the outstanding results that are imperative to meet our urgent human crises.

Extraordinary Results

Over the last three years, Stewardship Circle donations have contributed to:

  • Two key Achuar ecotourism projects – including the top-rated Kapawi Ecolodge – that provide an economic alternative to selling land for extractive industries
  • The development of V2, the latest version of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, which contains even more powerful updated content
  • The initial stages of an innovative development plan for Ecuador to achieve its goal of “buen vivir” while leaving oil in the ground in its south central Amazon region.