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Our itineraries are thoughtfully organized and skillfully curated, making your time in Ecuador as seamless as possible and freeing you to focus fully on the experience.

October 1 to 13, 2014

Achuar Immersion with a Shamanic Emphasis

This journey will have an in-depth visit at the visionary Achuar community of Sharamentsa with accommodations in their newly constructed traditional, simple and comfortably-designed community lodge.

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October 18 to 30, 2014

Amazonian Immersion

This special journey to Ecuador features a visit to the Sarayaku-Kichwa who are boldly standing with awe-inspiring commitment to protect their culture and forest. We then head further into the rainforest to engage deeply with our founding warrior partners – the Achuar – in their communities, Ti’inkias lodge and world-renown, Kapawi Lodge, experiencing their ancient culture, pristine land, and unwavering stand for life.

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December 27 to January 8, 2015

A Powerful Year-End Deep Dive with the Achuar

This journey will bring you into intimate contact with our founding Achuar partners in the heart of their pristine rainforest territory with stays at the special community lodge of Ti’inkias and the highly acclaimed Kapawi Lodge. Prior to entering the forest, we’ll have the ideal introduction to Ecuador and indigenous life-ways through an inspiring home-stay with the Karanqui, Quichua people of San Clemente on the flanks of the sacred Imbabura volcano.

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January 5 to 19, 2015

Dancing with the Heart of the World III

Building upon the powerful consecutive offerings and deep partnership of Pachamama Journeys Director, David Tucker, and School of Movement Medicine founders, Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, Dancing with the Heart of the World moves toward the most in-depth Amazonian offering yet to our founding Achuar and Sápara partners. This intensive journey, working with a variety of shamanic, movement and creative processes, will be highly participatory, appropriate for those who have both experience with inner personal work and a commitment to being part of the solution in these critical times.

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