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Pachamama Journeys / What You Will Experience

A Soul-Stirring Experience

Pachamama Journeys are purposeful travel immersions that go far beyond conventional eco-tourism and adventure travel, inviting you into a deeper relationship with the people and lands we visit.

Travel with Purpose

Pachamama Journeys are not only transformative on a personal level; they are also connected to a larger vision for the world – one that is being successfully carried out together with the people and lands we visit.

  • Reconnect with what it means to be alive and human at this moment in history.
  • Gain new perspective on what “living well” truly means and how you can do it now.
  • Deepen or reveal the unique gifts and passion that you have to offer the world.
  • Become a part of, and contribute to, a highly effective partnership with indigenous people.
  • Embark on a community-based tourism experience, where people are valued over profit.

Become an Ambassador for a Visionary Message

When you travel with us, you join a global community of privileged individuals who have embarked on this unique journey, making you an ambassador entrusted to carry the visionary message of the Achuar people and the rainforest out into the world.

Because we travel on the foundation of long-standing relationships and a shared purpose, we have the experience of being partners with our indigenous hosts, rather than voyeuristic tourists who are looking in from the outside.

Over the past 15 years, more than 1,200 people have journeyed with us to Ecuador. Participants have included travelers from age seven to age 78, adding a multi-generational perspective to an already powerful experience.

Rediscover Your Indigenous Self

In the rush of modern life, it is often hard to remember that humanity did not always live this way.

Thankfully, the Achuar people – our founding partners – and other indigenous people have maintained their reality, affirming on a daily basis that we, as a species, are still hardwired for connection with each other and our environment.

The Pachamama Journey is about accessing and remembering the indigenous part of ourselves. This can fulfill a deep longing for many and it’s also a useful, perhaps necessary, undertaking for effectively and creatively dealing with the challenges we face in our lives and world today.

Gain a New Perspective

The Pachamama Journey offers the extraordinary opportunity to step outside the familiar, bringing a fresh new perspective – often accompanied by a sense of peace, wellbeing and clarity – to one’s own culture and life. While stretching our comfort zone can sometimes be confronting, it opens tremendous space to feel, grow and see new possibilities.

When you hear the call to travel with us, you will be richly rewarded with the journey of a lifetime, one that restores your sense of wonder and connection and recalibrates you to the ancient rhythms of the natural world.

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