The Achuar Nationality of Ecuador (NAE) held its annual Congress in the community of Kapawi in late March. Well-respected by other indigenous nationalities, the NAE continued to demonstrate its commitment to the wellbeing of the Achuar, electing a new governing council.

284 delegates were present from a total of 13 associations, representing 75 Achuar communities in the provinces of Pastaza and Morona Santiago in south eastern Ecuador.

Achuar Congress Welcomed Other Indigenous Leaders

In addition to the Achuar delegations, important members of the national indigenous movement were present like Humbero Cholango, the president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE).

Cholango had the opportunity to present information about the advances of the national indigenous organization in favor of the protection of indigenous rights. He also expressed thanks for the support of the Achuar during the nationwide Pluri-National March in Defense of Water, Life, and Dignity.

Assessing 2011 Accomplishments

The leaders of the Achuar Governing Council and the Bi-National Coordinator of the Achuar of Ecuador and Peru (COBNAEP), and the managers of the Aerostensak aviation company, the CEKSA ecotourism company, and the Selva Tropical forest conservation project were present to share reports on their activities and the results achieved in 2011.

These reports were discussed and evaluated, and final decisions were included in the Congress’ resolutions. The support and accompaniment of Fundación Pachamama were highlighted in the work of these initiatives.

Meet the New NAE Leadership

A new Governing Council was elected for the next three years to manage the administration and leadership of the NAE. The following people were elected:

  • President, Jaime Froilan Vargas
  • Vice President, Roberto Peas
  • Territory Leader, Juan Masurash
  • Health Leader, Gerardo Tsamarint
  • Communication Leader, Patricio Sake
  • Education Leader, Turtar Pirush
  • Economics Leader, Pascual Callera
  • NAE Representative in Macas, Nestor Aij

An Evolution of Achuar Self-governance

The Congress demonstrated an important evolution of the Achuar nationality government structures.

The NAE is recognized among other nationalities for its unity, autonomous decision making, and respect for its established legal organization and rules. This structural and technical framework has allowed the NAE to achieve its intended goals over the years, and to reach new aspirations to support the development of its people and the conservation of its territory and culture.

The election of a new governing council shows this dedication to promote the well-being of the Achuar over the next three years and in the future.