This month in honor of Earth Day we invited you to submit photos of places, species and lifestyles you want to preserve for future generations to enjoy: a favorite tree on your walk to work, a species that is dwindling in number, a culture that is dying out, or even a special family tradition.

We received so many inspiring submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated this month! We can’t wait to see what you offer up for our next photo of the month.

April’s Selected Photo

Photo by AP Photo/Michael Dwyer
“May the global spirit of sportsmanship in marathon races live forever, and may all men and women of all backgrounds maintain the freedom to run together all over the world.” Submitted by: Josefina de Castro (Photo credit: Photo by AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

More Photo Contributions

The “Gaeltacht” area of Dún Caoin in Co. Kerry, Ireland, is situated on the outermost part of the Dingle peninsula, where the wild waves of the Northern Atlantic ocean connect it with the Blasket Islands. Gaeltacht refers to an area where Irish (Gaeilge) is spoken as the official language. I believe it is important to preserve the Irish language by speaking it and encouraging others to do so. Some people from other countries have learned our language and taken up residence in the area. Others who do not speak it, nevertheless, have respect for it and love to hear it being spoken. Submitted by: Eileen Clear

Also submitted by Eileen Clear.

“I want to preserve the Marin Headlands in the San Francisco Bay Area for my children and my children’s children.” Submitted by: Naldo Peliks

The “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” is the heart of the world. If you want to reconnect with the pulse of the earth, you have to come to the Sierra. Submitted by: Camilo Carvajalino

Next Month’s Theme is: “Unsung Heroes”

May is a month during which we honor brave, resilient and strong people. In many countries, people celebrate their mothers on Mother’s Day, and in the United States we pay respects to the men and women who have died while serving our country on Memorial Day. In the spirit of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, we invite you to send us a photo of the inspirational people in your community who you would like to honor.

They can be a public figure or anyone who works to improve the world in some way or another. Honor the people who inspire you by submitting a photo this month. And be sure to tell us why you want to honor them!

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