In January, we made a call for you to submit a photo that would contribute to a transformative conversation about what love -all kinds of love- meant to you.

Thank you to everyone who participated this month. We received many inspiring submissions. Here are some of our favorites, and next month’s theme.

February’s Selected Photos

“As I have started traveling and connecting to spirit, different people, cultures, beliefs, ways of life what I have come to realize and value is love and finding that love through community…through helping and supporting ourselves and others heal, learn, grow. They say it takes a village to raise a child…I say it also takes a village to raise not only a child but everyone….it takes a village to help others find their truth and to raise a nation in love and light!” –Cecilia Tavarez

“My little one napping in our “casita” during our last visit to Sarayaku, Ecuador’s Amazon.” -Shelby Sanchez

“My heart always calls me back to Mendocino where Mother Nature is generous in her beauty and her gifts. I marvel at the mystery and the beauty of the abalone shell, boasting every color of the rainbow, magical in every way.
How perfect then to find this little shell hidden in the sand – a shining rainbow heart reminding me that the most precious gifts of Love are found in the tiny treasures of life.” –Caroline Wallace

“This is a photo of one of the most important people in my life, my father, giving me away at my wedding last year. Every time I look at this photo it brings tears to my eyes and I can imagine myself a little girl again being rocked in my daddies arms. This is my one of my favorite photos from the wedding as it emanates the love between a father and daughter. Photo credit to Qamuuqin Maxwell of Ashland, Oregon.” -Caitlin Mezger-Sieg

“Me and my daughters = Love.” -Phil Cisneros

Morning heart sky, Taken in Wannock Inlet off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Image by Lisa Bland, Wildheart Photography.” -Lisa Bland

“All behaviours are different levels of insecurity. Love, is the complete lack of it.” Quote submitted with photo. -Nina Fitzgerald

“Witnessing the dance between flower and bee was truly experiencing the perfect expression of Love. The flower opens itself in humble beauty and offers its gift of pollen and nectar to the bee. It is perfect reciprocated Love. The flower is receives the gift of pollination ensuring more poppies, more pollen, more bees, more beauty over and over again. And so it goes with Love, on and on and on. (Taken in the heart of San Francisco. Another reason to Love!)” –Caroline Wallace

“I love my mustang horse Zarr’s April Fancy – even after breaking both my arms in a riding accident. While galloping in deep sand my mare fell and I was thrown from her back landing 10 feet ahead on hard ground. Fortunately she was not injured and led me while I walked at her side in pain and dazed several miles out of the Forest to help and a doctor. The photo is by Sam MacDonald.” -Alycin Hayes

“This is what love looks like to me this January. We love each other, Clare, my Newf, and me. She has bone cancer, but just as there are beginnings and endings, we both are glad that Love is forever.” -Katy Luce Riley

Next Month’s Theme Is: Transformation

Do you have a picture of a special event, an image that represents a daily personal practice or a photo of a milestone in your life that transformed the way you (or others) live for the better? We want to see it!

Whether it is a photo of your wedding ceremony, the stunning view you caught on a random hike or your home altar, please share it with us. Your transformative experiences are the best resources we have to inspire others to see new possibilities for humankind.

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