Fundación Pachamama continues to pursue administrative channels to have the organization reinstated, and we have begun to open dialogues with appropriate officials to resolve the matter. And we know that this process will take some time.

In the meantime, The Pachamama Alliance’s work in Ecuador continues, although it certainly has been challenging over the past two months as Fundación Pachamama dealt with the shut down crisis and reconfiguring how the work there continues.

We remain committed that Ecuador, as a country, achieve its development goals for the people while at the same time preserving the most biodiverse area on the planet. This preservation includes keeping the Yasuni National Reserve intact, and ensuring that oil exploration and drilling does not take place in the South Central region of the Ecuadorian Amazon where we work so closely with our indigenous partners. This is the vision of the indigenous people who live there who are still actively working toward that end, with our full support.

Our support of the Jungle Mamas program continues and plans are being finalized for the year which include partnering with local communities to improve community health by focusing on safe birthing practices, education of women, family planning education, and improving environmental health.

The solar canoe project that has been underway for the past several years is on hold while new funding channels are established. With a network of boats propelled by electric motors and solar recharge stations, when this project is restarted, it will be the first solar-powered public transportation system in the Amazon basin.

Continuing our work under these circumstances requires patience and creativity, but we have both. More updates will follow as developments continue to unfold.