At the end of April, the Jungle Mamas (Ikiama Nukuri in Achuar) program celebrated a great success when the Municipal Government of Taisha finally approved and began construction of a solar-powered water system for the Achuar community of Kurintsa, representing approximately 20 families, or 120 people.

An Arduous Approval Process

The approval process for the project was arduous for local coordinator Narcisa Mashienta and the women’s group, local authorities, and community representatives who put together the proposal requesting funds to build pipes to each family and house in the community.

Their achievement follows last year’s successful request for funds to construct a similar project in the neighboring Achuar community of Pumpuentsa. Pumpuentsa now has enough clean water to provide all of the community’s families.

Expanding Public Health

Construction has begun in Kurintsa, and families will soon begin receiving training on the management and maintenance needed to keep the system working, including how to install a system of water meters, implement small fees for repairs when needed, and keep the tanks clean and free of contamination.

In July, Jungle Mamas will hold a workshop on safe water management, complementing the positive changes occurring in Kurintsa and contributing to the development of a safe and healthy environment for the community.