This month, in honor of the Spring Equinox, we asked you to send us photos of things that are transformative: the cycles of nature, a milestone life event, or a daily practice that transforms your life.

We received so many wonderful submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated this month! We can’t wait to see what you offer up for our next photo of the month.

March’s Selected Photo

“Taking in this powerful yet graceful oak tree in Sherwood, Oregon in late summer 2012, I was overwhelmed with just how much I love trees. I committed on the spot to finally starting an urban tree planting organization that I’d been thinking about for a few years. The beauty of the tree was simply bigger than the fear that was holding me back – and so “AddATree” was born just as the sun was setting.” – Claire Woolley

More Photo Contributions

“This is a picture of the dance I created over 3 years ago which has transformed my life along with the people who attend. We are forming transformational community where we can accept each other, be with each other, understand & accept on new levels.” -Brooklin Kayce

“High mountain beauty in California. Our planet transforms each season. I am in awe.” – Brooklin Kayce

“We are transformed in the reflections all around us. May they continually inspire us as we find our way in healing.” – Brooklin Kayce

“Maggie Macro crossing a bridge an Achuar bridge in Ecuador. Yahoo!” – Maggie Macro

Next Month’s Theme Is: Preservation

Earth Day is on Aprill 22nd, and we will celebrate the planet and the preservation of all it has to offer. In honor of Earth Day, we invite you to submit a photo of something you’d like to preserve and share with your children and your children’s children.

Do you have a photo of a favorite beach, camping spot, neighborhood park or perhaps a family tradition that you want to preserve? Whatever is it you want to safeguard, send us a photo and start a conversation about what is important for us to protect for future generations.

Contribute to April’s Photo of the Month