Last month, drawing from the many May holidays paying respects to strong and resilient people, we asked you to send us photos of the unsung heroes in your life or community. Now is the time when many folks start planting or harvesting the first crops in their gardens, so this month we want you to show us what you’re cultivating!

This Months Theme Is: “Cultivation”

Are you growing a garden at home or do you volunteer at a local community garden? We want you to show us the amazing things that come from your garden. Flowers, vegetables, herbs, you name it!

Your garden doesn’t just grow beautiful and nutritious produce, it also cultivates relationships, new skills and strong communities! Show us what your garden has produced, and show others what’s possible!

A selected photo will be featured on our next email Newsletter, plus an album of selected entries will be published on our website and Facebook page.

How to Submit Your Image

Send us your image with a 100 word (or less) caption and your full name to or post it on our Facebook page.

By submitting your image, you’ll also be giving us your permission to share it on our website and social pages, so make sure you give credit to the image owner if it is not a shot taken by you.

Need Inspiration? Check Out These Images