Volunteer in Haiti, photo by Lillian Chuo and EDV on Flickr

Last month, inspired by Earth Day, we asked you to send us photos of places, species and lifestyles you want to preserve for future generations. This May, many countries observe Mother’s Day and in the United States, Memorial Day, so our Photo of the Month invites you to honor the people in your community whose strength and resilience inspire you.

This Months Theme Is: “Unsung Heroes”

Whether it is the usher who has been serving at your place of worship for years, or your 5-year old nephew volunteering at a community garden, send us a photo of the special people making difference in your community or your life, and we will help you honor them.

They can be a public figure or anyone who worked to improved other people’s lives or the planet in some way or another – just be sure to tell us why you want to honor them!

A selected photo will be featured on our next email Newsletter, plus an album of selected entries will be published on our website and Facebook page.

How to Submit Your Image

Send us your image with a 100 word (or less) caption and your full name to communications@pachamama.org or post it on our Facebook page. Just make sure that your image meets these basic specifications:

  • It is a photo
  • minimum dimensions are 560 x 560
  • maximum dimensions are 5000×5000
  • file size must be smaller than 2MB
  • image format must be .jpg or .png

The submission deadline is Friday, May 17th.

By submitting your image, you’ll also be giving us your permission to share it on our website and social pages, so make sure you give credit to the image owner if it is not a shot taken by you. Note that images that do not meet the specifications above may have to be edited or omitted.

Need Inspiration? Check Out These Images

Isa Chandra Moskowitz inspires people to explore healthy Vegan cooking through her blog Post Punk Kitchen.

Darcie Jordan is an environmental and youth leader, “spark plug” and coordinator of Generation Waking Up in Australia.

Patricia Gualinga, Manari Ushinga, and Domingo Peas, indigenous leaders resisting oil exploitation in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.

Angela Davis is an American civil rights activist and author.

*Featured photo: Volunteer in Haiti, photo by Lillian Chuo and EDV on Flickr