Picturing Pollack by Kevin Dooley

In honor of Valentine’s Day, our first photo of the month theme was “love.” This time, we have chosen to honor the Spring equinox coming up on March 20th, so we’re focusing on images that symbolize self-realization, the cycles of creation, or the universal processes of attaining enlightenment.

March’s Photo of the Month Theme Is: “Transformation”

Let us help you break that down. Do you have a picture of a special event, an image that represents a daily personal practice, or a photo of a milestone in your life that transformed the way you (or others around you) live for the better? We want to see it!

Whether it is a photo of your wedding ceremony, the stunning view you caught on a random hike or your home altar, please share it with us. Your transformative experiences are the best resources we have to inspire others to see new possibilities for humankind.

A selected photo will be featured on our next email Newsletter, plus an album of selected entries will be published on our website and Facebook page.

How to Submit Your Image

Send us your image with a 100 word (or less) caption and your full name to communications@pachamama.org or post it on our Facebook page. Just make sure that your image meets these basic specifications:

  • It is a photo
  • minimum dimensions are 560 x 560
  • maximum dimensions are 5000×5000
  • file size must be smaller than 2MG
  • image format must be .jpg or .png

The submission deadline is Monday, March. 18th.

By submitting your image, you’ll also be giving us your permission to share it on our website and social pages, so make sure you give credit to the image owner if it is not a shot taken by you. Note that images that do not meet the specifications above may have to be edited or omitted.

Need Inspiration? Check Out Some Images We Like

Featured photo by Kevin Dooley.