The overflowing outcome of the two Symposiums at Power Shift 09 is explosive—where 10% of 12,000 attendees participated.  Yet, for the young adults who participated, already deeply committed to making a difference on climate change and insuring a healthy future, the Symposium is proving to be a powerful tool to inspire their communities.

By weaving together environmental sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment as interrelated aspects of one crisis, and by inviting participants to open their hearts to the pain of the world that connects us all and then converting that pain into power, the Symposium has called forth a cadre of young, dynamically grounded optimists ready to make a difference.

Here is a sampling of post Power Shift 09 Symposium’s overflowing enthusiasm:

Re-Energize Texas

Praween, responsible for getting the Symposium into Power Shift along with Zo, organized the state-wide version for Texas.  With little support he hosted another concentrated 2.5 hr powerful Symposium.  Of the 70 participants, nearly 50 wanted to be trained to facilitator/host the Symposium, and four Symposiums now scheduled for Austin, Houston, Dallas, and south Texas.  The youth climate change movement will significantly contribute to further awaken Texas.

Massachusetts Climate Summer

Jay will train 50 young leaders to organize and mobilize  communities across Massachusetts this summer; the Symposium experience will be delivered to awaken/empower each community.

Maryland high school

Laura inspired the first high school Symposium using the Facilitator Kit (designed to be used without trained facilitators) and was beautifully received.  A Sea Scout group, also inspired at the Power Shift Symposium, joined them to learn, so they could take the Symposium to their communities in Maryland.

Midwest Earth Day Symposiums

Power Shift participants have organized Earth Week Symposiums which June Holte is helping them facilitate, including Monika at Earlham College on the Indiana/Ohio border and Abby at Knox College in Illinois.


Symposiums are planned at Evergreen College in WA by Abi, and Prescott Collage in AZ, by Hugh.  University of Vermont has lined up 10 people so far for a May facilitator training.


Samantha is convening 50 to 100 climate activists from across Africa and will open the So. Africa conference with the Symposium.


Several Sierra Student Coalition Summer Camp intend to weave the Symposium into their climate change trainings.

Generation Waking Up

Joshua has been inspired to incorporate the Symposium into their workshops.

Post Symposiums Power Shift 09 Reflections/5-min You Tube interviews, click here…

Quotes from participants

— “It was fantastic!”
— “I just think that this was an amazing experience and that more people should experience it as well.”
— “I have never in my life been so inspired. This was positively amazing and fulfilling and I have received or realized or thought about more things in 3 hours than ever before.”
— “I realized my purpose – I need to tell people about this! This is how I’ve felt my whole life! It’s so good, such a relief to be part of this symposium!”
— “I think that this should be spread all over the world!”
— “This was amazing! I have more hope for the future than ever before.”
— “It was one of the best experiences of my life!”