Candid Shot at Symposium II

Volunteers from all around the East Coast came together in New York earlier this month for the latest in a series of “Roll Outs.”

These fun, energizing events were launched last fall to galvanize Pachamama communities across the US and expand the educational programs of The Pachamama Alliance, including the debut of a new workshop.

New Post-Symposium Workshop

One of the highlights of the weekend was the new Getting into Action workshop, which participants both experienced and learned how to deliver to others.

This workshop provides an opportunity for people to identify their unique role in bringing forth a thriving, just, and sustainable human presence on this planet. Participants were supported to put in place the structures, practices, information, and resources that will enable them to express their commitment and sustain them as agents of change. It was a very powerful and moving event for all!

After having experienced the Getting Into Action Workshop, volunteers are now busy setting dates to bring this amazing program to their communities as a welcome and exciting new follow-up to the Symposium.

Join Us at a Roll Out Near You

Join us at an upcoming Roll Out, experience the new workshop and bring it to your community.

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