For nearly twenty years, Pachamama Alliance has worked to protect the South-Central Amazon region of Ecuador—at the invitation of the indigenous people who call the region home—from oil and other exploitive industries. Here is just a sampling of what we are up to at the beginning of 2015:

Jungle Mamas

    • As you read this, our Jungle Mamas team has just returned from a week of on-site evaluation visits in rainforest communities, talking with women who have been trained in the past two years as Maternal Health Promoters. They were checking in to provide follow-up, assess the retention of knowledge from the training, and collect maternal and neonatal health data to measure the impact Jungle Mamas is having at the local level. The team also conducted workshops in basic health and sanitation with the communities they visited.
    • In February, the Jungle Mamas team will conduct a follow-up workshop with Maternal Health Promoters who were trained in July, to further their skill level and knowledge.
    • In July, the team will train the third and final group of Maternal Health Promoters, which will result in 100% of Achuar territory being covered and served.

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Sustainable Business Development

    • In late 2013, two blocks of rainforest were commissioned to oil companies for future development—blocks that make up the homeland of the Sápara people. And while no oil exploration has begun, we are partnering with the Sápara to ensure that doesn’t happen. We have worked with them to continue to build out their ecotourism project, Naku, to provide them with an alternative source of income. They have built two thatched roof houses for sleeping and a new dining area with table and benches made from local bamboo:
    • The Sápara territory is seen by many as a gateway into large swaths of pristine rainforest that border it; therefore, the protection of this area is of critical importance to managing the preservation of the entire region in addition to maintaining the cultural heritage of the Sápara people.
    • We are holding trainings in specific areas for the Naku camp like housekeeping, food preparation and customer service. We are supplying camp and lodge equipment, GPS equipment, and solar panels.

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XIth Oil Round

    • Our partnership with all indigenous groups continues, with a special emphasis on the Achuar people. We are funding their upcoming annual Assembly, where people representing all communities of the Achuar nation will convene for almost a week to make decisions and plans for their territory for the coming year. This critical gathering is also the time for them to elect their leaders who will serve them for the next three years.
    • We are planning a series of week-long workshops and smaller trainings later in the year with indigenous communities on collective rights, legal rights, and impact of oil development.

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