The new invitation from the FOUR YEARS. GO. campaign is asking each of us to supply the missing ingredient in today’s troubled times: the will, the commitment, to change the direction humanity is headed — to turn away from a path that leads toward economic and ecological breakdowns, and head instead toward a future that we all deeply desire. Take the stand today »

Bill and Lynne Twist introduced this new commmitment at the annual Pachamama Alliance luncheon, and when the 1,500 people in attendance were invited to take the stand, they all literally stood! Watch it here »

In addition to the online commitment, a “wallet card” with the FOUR YEARS. GO. declaration is being distributed, giving each of us a way to initiate conversations with people around us.

This new aspect of the FOUR YEARS. GO. campaign makes it apparent that heart-to-heart conversation is now needed. The campaign is about having millions of people turn to millions of other people and truly confront the crisis and opportunity of our time. It is a simple, but profound conversation:

  • Humanity’s current path is leading to a future no one wants, and it could soon be too late to change course.
  • We have the technology and know-how to change our direction.
  • All that’s missing is the collective will to get it done.
  • You can help generate that will by making your own personal commitment, enrolling others, and taking action.

The collective will is already building! Every hour new commitments roll in from people around the world — a recent sequence includes people from Slovenia, the UK, Australia, China, and South Africa.

Take your stand now! >>

(By the way, if you attended the luncheon and physically took this stand, please also register this stand online and be counted!)