We Stand in Solidarity with Fundación Pachamama in Ecuador

The below listed organizations, both Ecuadorian and international, would like to make the following statement to the broader public, our political representatives, and the media:

On the morning of December 4th, 2013, the Quito-based headquarters of the internationally recognized organization Fundación Pachamama were raided and closed down by police agents, who presented a resolution of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment dissolving the organization.

We agree with Fundación Pachamama’s position that this dissolution is an arbitrary act, looking to repress the organization’s legitimate right to dissent against the national government’s decision to hand over the territories of Amazonian indigenous peoples via concessions to oil companies, without respecting those peoples’ constitutional rights, in particular their right to free, prior, and informed consultation and consent, in agreement with international human rights law.

Fundación Pachamama’s position has always been based in the defense of human rights and the rights of nature, all of this carried out in actions within the rule of law. For the last sixteen years they have offered solidarity and assistance to the indigenous organizations that legitimately represent the ancestral peoples of the Amazon.

As a matter of principle and institutional nature, Fundación Pachamama rejects any violent actions coming from any sector. In our experience, the Foundation has never supported or much less participated in violent actions. Such violence cannot be imputed upon them for acts they did not commit.

Given their work in defense of rights, they have been publicly and viciously attacked by those who hold political power in Ecuador, accusations that have been broadly disseminated through state-run media. We view this as violent, in addition to hastily dissolving an organization, without any legal justification, without a due process that would guarantee legitimate defense.

Responding to this aggression, we express our support for Fundación Pachamama while they:

1. Don’t renounce their right to defend rights; and

2. Challenge the government’s decision through all the legal means at their disposal.

We will continue supporting Fundación Pachamama while they guarantee that this aggression, to which they are victims, doesn’t distract attention and debate from the core issue which is the violation of Amazonian indigenous peoples’ collective rights and the rights of nature, by means of an oil tender carried out against the will of the legitimate property holders of the affected territories, through a ‘socialization process’, not a real consultation.

It’s time to reinstate Fundación Pachamama and end the repression against civil society and indigenous peoples in Ecuador.

Organizations by Country

Catalyst for Transition
Rainforest Information Centre
Smithy’s Handyman
Sustainability Showcase
Council of Canadians
Ecologos Institute
Halifax Initiative
MiningWatch CA
Northern Edge Algonquin
Polaris Institute
Spirituality In Health Care Network
Unify Caledon
Unify Toronto
Annita Stephanou
Acción Ecológica
Fundación de Desarrollo Integral Causana
La Coordinadora Ecuatoriana de Organizaciones para la Defensa de la Naturaleza y el Medio Ambiente (CEDENMA)
End Ecocide in Europe
Collectif Causse Méjean – Gaz de schiste NON !
ICRA International
Idle No More France
Planete Amazone
ARA e.V.
Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest Peoples
Ev. Jugend Neukölln
OroVerde – Fundación del Bosque Tropical
Rettet den Regenwald
Greenpeace International
Damanhur Association
La Comune di Bagnaia
Lithuanian Association for the Protection of Human Rights
Association for environmental protection Terra Floria
Consejo Juvenil Comunitario
EcoSITE México
Fundar, Centro de Análisis e Investigación, A. C.
Rainforest Foundation Norway
Pastoral de la Tierra -Vicariato Apostólico de Yurimaguas
Puerto Rico
Quantic Association
Associacio SAEC
Ecologistas en Acción
ODG- Observatori del Deute en la Globalització (Catalunya)
Protect Ecuador
Proyecto Gran Simio
Salva la Selva
Setem Hego Haizea
Un Altre Món és Possible
United Kingdom
Forest Peoples Programme
Positive TV
A Sustainable Way
Accountability Counsel
Amazon Watch
Appleton Foundation
Center for Alternative Mining Development Policy
Charter for Compassion
Citizens Climate Lobby
Citizens Climate Lobby – various chapters throughout the USA
Compassion Games International
Cultural Conservancy
Due Process of Law Foundation
Excellerated Business Schools
Extinction Witness
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Forging Alliances North and South
Fossil Fuel Free Ohio University
Foundation Earth
Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Friends of the Earth US
Genevieve Esson
Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
Global Exchange
Global Greengrants
Grand Canyon Trust
Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products
Human Jazz
Humanity Steam
IFIP – International Funders for Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous Environmental Network
International Accountability Project
International Forum on Globalization
International Rivers
Lancaster Citizens Climate Lobby
Land is Life
Living Economies Forum
Move to Amend Coalition
New Energy Economy
Northcutt Productions
Oakland Institute
One World Awake
Pachamama Alliance
ParaComm International
Peace Ambassador Programs
Pure Hearts Trust
Rainforest Action Network
Rebuild the Dream
RSF Social Finance
Soaring in Light
Slo Clean Water Action.org
Soul of Money Institute
South Gate Communication and Media
Sustainable World Coalition
The Heritage Institute
The Shift Network
The Whidbey Institute
Tools for Change
Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida
We The World Campaign
Wellness Associates
Whidbey Island Non Toxics Coalition
Wise and Ready to Rise
Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus
Womenrise for Global Peace
World Temperate Rainforest Network

Breaking News on the Shutdown of Fundación Pachamama

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