The Pachamama Alliance’s purpose is to generate transformative conversations that invite people to see new possibilities for humankind.

Sometimes, though, it’s still true that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So we’re inviting you to share your conversation-sparking pictures. We’ll feature one each month in our email Newsletter, plus an album of selected entries on our website and Facebook page.

Our hope is that this will be a fun thing to do as a global community, so let’s see how it goes!

This Month’s Theme Is: LOVE

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the theme for this first Photo of the Month is “love.” What does love look like to you?

And don’t let those little candy hearts fool you into thinking this is just about romantic love – love of others, love of life, love of Mother Earth, love of yourself are all included here.

You don’t have to take a new picture, either. That picture of you and Grandpa blowing out the candles on your fifth birthday cake works perfectly (you’ll just have to scan it).

How to Submit Your Image

To be included in this round, send your image with a 100 word (or less) caption and your full name to or post it on our Facebook page. Just make sure that your image meets these basic specifications:

  • It is a photo
  • minimum dimensions are 560 x 560
  • maximum dimensions are 5000×5000
  • file size must be smaller than 2MG
  • image format must be .jpg or .png

The submission deadline is Monday, Feb. 11th.

By submitting your image, you’ll also be giving us your permission to share it on our website, so make sure you give credit to the image owner if it is not a shot taken by you. Note that images that do not meet the specifications above may have to be edited or omitted.

Need Inspiration? Check Out Some Images We Like

Image by Yann Arthus-Bertrand from his collection, Earth from Above.

Achuar president Jaime Vargas and wife at the Sarayaku community celebration