Facilitator Profile

Facilitators are members of the Pachamama Alliance community who step into leadership by hosting Symposiums and spreading the message of Up to Us.

Skip Andrew

Skip Andrew
  • Location: Ashland, Oregon, United States
  • Primary Language: English
  • Facilitator Since: 2015

As a Facilitator, I am Committed to

  • Symposium Presenter
  • Symposium Host
  • Symposium Producer
  • Media Generator
  • Community Coordinator

Retired civil rights lawyer in Chicago, I think back to the aliveness (& risk) I felt when confronting the local prosecutor of "murdering 2 Black Panther leaders as they slept in their apartment last night."  It was a time when none of us "activist" attorneys knew when we might be next — a time for standing for justice, no matter what.

Since then I have only stuck my toe into the waters of transformation.  Now, I must do and be more to play my part in helping to heal our Planet and all its creatures.  I'm delighted to have found the Pachamama Alliance and to learn as I meet other kindred spirits.

My skillsets are:

Public speaking
Being a seer
Creating new relationships

I've been a Facilitator since 2015.

Why I'm a Pachamama Alliance Facilitator

I want to get as many people we can through the UpToUs stages. 

Events I've hosted as a facilitator:

  • I hosted a Symposium in Ashland on March 1, 2016
  • I hosted a Symposium in Ashland on November 10, 2015

If I could change the world

Steadily tax carbon emissions and give the tax funds to consumers.

This is who inspires me

Martin Luther King, Jr., because he was skilled at inspiring the masses to act non-violently, he modeled risk-taking, and he knew how to leverage the power of the people to change government policies (e.g. voter rights laws).

Experiences I'm proud of

Standing tall as I accused the Chicago States Attrorney of murdering Black Panthers as they slept in bed — and then gathering the forensic evidence to prove it.  Why?  Because I felt the freeest in my life by honoring my integrity — even knowing I may never see my family again.

What I'm passionate about

On my death bed I want to know that I did my best in "bringing forth a thriving, just and sustanable worlld," while also modeling the same for my son.