Facilitator Profile

Facilitators are members of the Pachamama Alliance community who step into leadership by hosting Symposiums and spreading the message of Up to Us.

Stef Vink

Stef Vink
  • Location: Kranenburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Duitsland
  • Primary Language: Dutch

Hi, I'm Stef, 54 years old, father of two great already grown up children. I have been a teacher in music for many years and an artist, creating piano solo albums over the last 10 years. One of my personal practices is Movement Medicine. Every year we dance a Long Dance Ceremony, supporting the Pachamama Alliance financially through sponsorhsip.
As I grew more aware of who I really am, and what this world is about, and after reading Naomi Klein's 'This is everything' I feel a growing urge to make a difference, to want to help create the changes that we and the planet need so badly. 

I feel my role will be of the one speaking and raising awareness. I'm taking on the endeavour to start a local Pachamama Alliance community in the Netherlands as a platform for further action. 

I'm grateful to have been in the GCO, since I've been participating I feel more alive, more aware, more conscious and more passionate. I feel supported in my determination to contribute to changing the game. The world can count on me for showing up, for connecting to my fellow humans from the heart, and for speaking out to many people to raise awareness.

Why I'm a Pachamama Alliance Facilitator

I'm a facilitator,