Facilitator Profile

Facilitators are members of the Pachamama Alliance community who step into leadership by hosting Symposiums and spreading the message of Up to Us.

Angela Bennett

Angela Bennett
  • Location: Hogansville, Georgia, United States
  • Primary Language: English
  • Facilitator Since: 2016
  • Website: Roots Productions

I have been working in the arts as an entertainer for a long time and although I make a living using these talents mostly in a commercial arena my passion is as an artist activist.  I feel blessed that recently the more commercial work has afforded me the time and space to do the things I'm passionate about that don't necessarily pay the bills in a more focused way.  I'm passionate about using art to factilitate openings/awakenings/changes in perceptions! I actually formed a performance group with two other women called The Pacha Mamas almost 10 years ago as a way of embodying and mirroring the divine feminine for our audiences in part as an effort to help create more balance in my own life and inspire it in others.  The subjects of our pieces have ranged from unity/our inherent interconnectedness to celebrating the diversity of life and in particular the feminine spirit.   Our recent creation "Guardians of Gaia" premiered at a theatre in Atlanta this past spring and we are in the process of adapting it to bring into middle schools.  This piece has strong environmental themes in the context of our sacred interconnected nature.  We wanted to create an accompanying workshop to answer the call many have felt after watching the show but discovered that "Awakening the Dreamer" was our answer to that.  So we are in the process of becoming facilitators at this moment and have connected with the Charlotte, NC community.

I've been a Facilitator since 2016.

Why I'm a Pachamama Alliance Facilitator

I actually read Lynn Twist's book "Soul of Money" about 10 years ago and subsequently took one of the first "Awakening the Dreamer" symposiums just outside of Nashville, TN.  I remember loving it but my focus at the time was with The Pacha Mamas and other more commercial projects and it slowely faded to the back of my mind until our recent ventures with "Guardians of Gaia".  I took the symposium again this past June in San Fran and was so moved and transformed by the work and this time it felt like it was definitely time to jump in and become a leader/facilitator.  It felt so perfect for me at this time in my life.  I love how holistic the approach is.  I have been a part of the work around racism recently and have actually said to myself that until we bring the idea of the sacred nature of our interconnectedness - until we bring a more spiritual context to the issue- there will be  no true healing around this.  So the fact that The Pacha Mama alliance is not just about healing our relationship to the environment - but there is a recognition that ultimately all crisises that we are facing not only with the environment but with social justice and our spiritually is all connected is a HUGE thing for me.  As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the most POWERFUL movements happening on the earth right now and I'm so grateful to be a part of it- to have a positive outlet for my passion to transform and heal the world- to help create a better world NOW.  I 'm so grateful for everyone who is currently putting energy into this movement in whatever way they are able.  There is hope in this.

If I could change the world

If I could change one thing in the world it would be to get everyone in this culture to slow down and simplify their lives and to connect deeply with Mother Nature on a regular basis.  I think that when one does this - they start to hear the divine again and there is then an opening created that begins to allow the divine to work through them.  Once this happens, true deep healing begins and expands because of the very nature of our interconnectedness. 

This is who inspires me

OH. . this is hard for me. . .that changes from day to day it seems.  Right now I'm most inspired by the people who have joined me on Pacha Mama Alliance calls - as part of the Game Changer Intensive and online facilitator training- including the leaders within.  I'm just so moved by all the people out there who are really stepping things up- knowing that we are all invested in consciously evolving to create a better world for ALL LIVING beings.  

Experiences I'm proud of

I'm proud of being the mom of two amazing young men who are such beautiful souls and already out to make a difference in the world!!!  We have great, introspective conversations where I am able to impart some of my wisdom to them and they really take it on.  And in some cases, they share the most profound and wise things with  me- and blow me away!  I'm so grateful not only to be their mother but to have a beautiful adult relationship with them now as they've grown older. 

What I'm passionate about

This is an amazing journey of healing and transformation!  When I connect with others in the journey it fuels the fire- it's the fire of love and compassion and it fuels itself the more you tap into it.  It's really a beautiful, energizing thing . . .this unfolding of a more just, fulfilled, sustainable world. . .why would you want anything else?!