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Sarayaku: A Crucial Case for Indigenous Rights

For 15 years, the Kichwa people of Sarayaku have sought justice for violations of their human rights made in the name of oil development. A July 2012 ruling could mark a bright new chapter in their story.

Statements and Analysis on the Sarayaku Ruling

Protestors carrying banner reading "Sarayaku Resiste"
Various sources have released statements and reflections on the significance of the ruling and what it could mean for other indigenous peoples whose lands and cultures are under threat.
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History and Background of the Sarayaku Case

Kichwa people of Sarayaku testifying at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights
The people of Sarayaku have consistently maintained their rejection of oil activities in their territory, based on the enormous negative impact on their sacred lands, their quality and ways of life, development, spirituality, the Amazonian environment, social peace, and the integrity of the community members.
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Stay Up to Date with the Sarayaku Case and Our Work in the Amazon

Get the latest on the impact of the Sarayaku case, our work with our indigenous partners in South America, and our work to bring forth a just, thriving, sustainable future around the world.

Fundación Pachamama’s Patricia Gualinga Speaks on Sarayaku in Late 2011

In late 2011, Patricia Gualinga, Director of Indigenous Affairs at Fundación Pachamama and a key leader from the Sarayaku community, recorded this video message calling for solidarity with the Amazon’s indigenous peoples. She has been a featured speaker at our Annual Luncheon in past years and we honor her leadership in Sarayaku’s decade-long struggle to reach this ruling.