Social Inequality

Social inequality is what creates the necessity for social justice. It is when a particular social group is at a great disadvantage. Often, the unequal treatment exists within both community and government factions. Opportunities in employment, education, and politics are the main platforms in which inequality occurs and can subsequently hinder the availability of healthcare, clean water, food, and shelter for many.

Modes of Social Inequality

Social Inequality
Social inequality is usually the result of inter-social treatment and/or unequal government regulations (learn more about inter-social treatment and/or unequal government regulations). Social inequality can be further broken down into two modes: direct and indirect.

Direct Social Inequality- Occurs when unfair treatment of a group(s) is deliberate and can be present in both community or government capacities. Direct inequality is a purposeful act that takes away resources, opportunities and/or rights from a group(s):

  • Communities instigating harmful (verbally or physical) treatment of a group based on differences in culture, belief, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, values, nationality, wealth, and/or abilities.
  • Government laws based on beliefs, behavior, physical, and/or spiritual traits. These laws are purposefully oppressive to the unique group(s).

Indirect Social Inequality-Occurs when unfair treatment of a group(s) is unintentional, but still takes place. An intermediary is involved between the individual and the instance of social inequality. Indirect social inequality is usually a result of a lack of knowledge and blind actions. Often indirect social inequality is a product of consumerism and effects the environment/homes of those outside the world of consumerism.

  • Buying products that are made in sweatshops
  • Buying food and produce that use harmful pesticides
  • Producing large amounts of waste
  • Unconsciously using vast amounts of gasoline and electricity
  • Supporting political parties that supports social inequality (directly or indirectly) nationally or internationally.

Indirect social inequality is often avoidable on the individual level if the perpetrator is informed. This can subsequently lead to an informed community and so on. Conscious decision making is the solution to indirect social inequality.

The Pachamama Alliance and Our Fight Against Social Inequality

Social Inequality
The Pachamama Alliance is an organization that protects the rights of the indigenous Ecuadorian tribe, the Achuar. The first layer of The Pachamama Alliance’s mission is to give the Achuar access to modern methods and technology in order to strengthen their defense against oil companies taking their land.

The second layer and the focus of our organization is to change the view of the “modern world”, which is responsible for the material value of oil. The system of beliefs that shapes consumer-based societies causes avoidable environmental and social inequality issues. The problem is the value we place on material goods because it encourages social and environmental inequality. The solution is a new, universal mentality that considers the well being of earth and society.

The Achuar are experiencing indirect social inequality in their home. Both the Achuar and the oil companies place value on their land, but for very different reasons. It is a fundamental human right for every individual to have access to a clean and sustainable environment. For the Achuar, this fundamental right that is at stake because of the material value that is placed on their land. In order to keep their home pristine, a new worldview that includes the environment and all of society is essential.

Join the Thousands and Partake in Our Symposium to End Social and Environmental Inequality

The Awakening the Dream symposium is The Pachamama Alliance’s greatest tool for informing the public about social and environmental inequality issues as well as their possible solutions. The Awakening The Dreamer program provides and open and judgment-free space for participants to evaluate the current state of the world, the events that led us to this point, and what actions can be done to change our fate. Become an agent of change and help The Pachamama Alliance transform the world into one that is environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling.

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