Monthly Giving

As a monthly donor, you join our Global Citizen community - nearly 2000 people who have said “Yes!” to an unprecedented Alliance between the indigenous and modern worlds.

Partners Working for a Long-term Vision

Since 1997, individuals throughout the world have stepped into being Global Citizens: consciously reallocating their resources each month away from inadvertently contributing to the destruction of the planet and towards activities that affirm a healthy relationship between the people and the planet. As an organization, Pachamama Alliance provides the framework for and the opportunity to engage with this collective reallocation to effect profound transformation in the world.

Proven Impact Throughout the World

Through Pachamama Alliance, the ongoing investment of Global Citizens has facilitated successful long-term initiatives not often possible for more conventional non-profit organizations, including:

  • Supporting Ecuador’s Achuar people through the multi-year process of gaining collective title to 1.8 million acres of their ancestral rainforest home
  • Expanding the Ikiama Nukuri maternal health program to become a comprehensive community-wide initiative, reaching 75% of the population and led by Achuar women
  • Spreading the transformational message of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium to over 80 countries, in 16 languages
  • Developing a groundbreaking educational initiative — Up to Us — deepening individual personal transformation and training people to engage in impactful collective social action.

All of these accomplishments are only possible through the continuity of a committed relationship. Establish yourself as the backbone of this work, the ground on which all these achievements stand, by consciously choosing to invest monthly with Pachamama Alliance.

Why Become A Global Citizen

The most important reason to become a Global Citizen is because you believe in the possibility of a just, thriving, and sustainable future for the human family – and you're willing to put your financial resources behind your belief.

Use Your Money as a Tool for Transformation

Taking a powerful stand for the future is available to you regardless of your circumstances &emdash; where you live, how much money you earn, how old you are, etc.

Money is a conduit for our intentions, whether those intentions are conscious or unconscious. Becoming a Global Citizen is a practice of investigating your intentions and beliefs, and then consciously imbuing your money with your intentions for a positive future as you employ it to create that world.

Currently, Global Citizens give anywhere from $25 to $400 each month. While the Global Citizen community is as diverse as the global make-up, what each member has in common is that they have chosen to align a financial investment that is significant to them in making a difference every single month. And the power of their collective intentions is shifting the world.

Play a Crucial Role in Creating a New Future

Pachamama Alliance was founded in response to the Achuar people’s request for allies in the “North” who would work to “change the dream of the modern world,” and ensure a just, thriving, and sustainable future for all life.

Every person who makes an ongoing commitment as a Global Citizen is another ally with the Achuar for the preservation of life itself.

With the collective power of Global Citizens, we can invest in innovative longer-term projects that would otherwise be limited by the cost of short-term, one-time fundraising:

  • Rights of Nature and other legal strategies that empower communities, both in the rainforest and around the globe, to establish a healthy human-Earth relationship
  • Ecotourism and alternative economic models that allow indigenous communities to preserve their way of life without extractive industries, creating the basis for long-term economic alternatives that ensure the preservation of the rainforest
  • Transformational education programs and an engagement pathway that shift us from a collective worldview and the corresponding actions that create an unsustainable path to one that creates a breakthrough for humanity

Enjoy the Benefits of Community

As a Global Citizen, you will join a vibrant community on the leading edge of the actions and ideas shifting the way humanity relates to our future.

As an organization, our commitment to every Global Citizen is to keep you connected to your wider community of fellow visionaries and to the extraordinary results you make possible in the world in a number of ways:

  • Email updates throughout the year with the latest from the Amazon and Pachamama communities around the world
  • A mid-year update on our accomplishments, goals, and strategy directly from our co-founders
  • Special events designed just for Global Citizens to connect with one another

At its heart, Pachamama Alliance is an invitation to be in relationship, beginning with the Achuar people deep in the Amazon rainforest and reaching out to people across the globe.

When you become a Global Citizen, you are saying, “Yes!” to that invitation, and becoming a stand for the web of life, strengthening the growing alliance between people from all cultures to create a new way forward for all.

Hear from Global Citizen Monthly Donors

Global Citizens come from all walks of life and countries worldwide. What they all have in common is a collective intention to transform the world through consciously allocating their resources.

“Becoming a monthly donor is one small and significant action you can take now to get behind the creation of a more just, sustainable and free world.”

Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan

“By becoming a Global Citizen, you can vote with your dollars to make the adage “be the change you want to see in the world” truly alive in your life.”

Carole Henmi and David Frigstad

“My monthly contribution makes me feel like I’m committed to the process of supporting the Achuar, preserving the lungs of the planet on an ongoing basis.”

Ben Zion-Weiss

“My commitment as a Global Citizen reminds me both that I am doing “something,” and that I need to continue looking more closely at what I am doing.”

Valri Castleman

“In Ecuador, I became more aware of the important work that Pachamama Alliance is doing…My monthly donation is a way I can commit to being part of this effort.”

Nordis Heyerdahl

“Pachamama Alliance is fulfilling my values of environmental and social justice, using methods that have integrity.”

Ann Eller

“Our visit to Achuar territory had already created such a strong tie at such a deep level, and knowing we could be part of making such a huge difference was irresistible.”

Pat and David Usner

“Through the Achuar, I discovered the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle and trusting my dreams and instincts, which in turn supports the Achuar’s goal of empowering others to respect the rights of humans and nature alike.”

Sara Jobin

“In my work as a fifth grade teacher I am most excited about empowering my students to know that we live in a time of great challenge and greater opportunity.”

Claudia McDonagh

How to Become a Global Citizen

Anyone can become a Global Citizen with a monthly gift of any amount. Getting started is easy, and each month you will be reminded of the ongoing difference your investment is making in the world.

Two Ways to Get Started

There are two simple ways to become a Global Citizen:

  • Automatic Bank Transfer (ABT) from your checking or other account. Please call Claudia Sandoval, Development Coordinator at 415.561.4522, x125 with your account information to set up this option. This option ensures more of your gift goes directly to our programs and not to credit card fees.
  • Credit card payment. You can set this up on our donation page, or feel free to give us a call and with your card information.

Whichever method you choose, you can update, change, or stop your monthly giving at any time by contacting us via phone or email. We’re always happy to answer your questions or hear your ideas about Pachamama Alliance, your contribution, or what it means to be a Global Citizen.