Watch Indigenous, Environmental and Social Justice Leaders Share Words of Inspiration at Our 20th Anniversary Celebration

At our 20th Anniversary Dinner & Celebration in San Francisco last Thursday November 3, nearly 2,000 friends and allies joined in person and online to honor 20 years of partnership, celebrate what we have accomplished together, and explore what more needs to be done to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable future.

Former President of the Achuar Nation of Ecuador, Domingo Peas, honored what a partnership between the Achuar and Pachamama Alliance has accomplished over 20 years, and looked forward to what more can be accomplished by working together.

Words of Hope and Inspiration

Pachamama Alliance friend and collaborator, a Diné and Lakota wisdom keeper and ceremonial leader, Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe) started the event off with a beautiful blessing for Mother Earth.

Our friend and ally, Peruvian ceremonial leader Arkan Lushwala told us that he believes that the work of Pachamama Alliance is the work of the Earth.

Dr. Charles McNeal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Programme shared that he felt that Pachamama Alliance is doing the work that is needed right now—supporting indigenous people and their right to protect their forests.

Van Jones, Co-founder of Rebuild the Dream and Dream Corps, congratulated Pachamama Alliance on 20 years saying he’ll be there for the next 20.

Words from Our Indigenous Partners in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Narcisa Mashienta, Shuar leader and Jungle Mamas Program Coordinator, shared about the impact that the Jungle Mamas program is having—empowering Achuar women and strengthening their communities.

Manari Ushigua, President of the Sápara, shared that he is convinced that the dream of the modern world is changing.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Work

Co-founders Bill Twist and Lynne Twist shared their overall reflections on 20 years of work in the Amazon and around the world.

John Perkins told the story of how the Achuar first reached out to the modern world, and the response from the co-founders of the Pachamama Alliance. Joining him in telling the story is Luis Vargas, the first president of the Achuar Nation of Ecuador who reached out to John Perkins over 20 years ago.

Bill Twist and Ecuador Program Director Belén Páez share the history of our early work with the Achuar, and the impact of that work.

Lynne Twist and co-creators of our educational programs, Tracy Apple and Ruel Walker, discussed the inspiration for Awakening the Dreamer, the process for developing it, and the surprising speed at which it spread across the globe.

Bill Twist and Belén Páez explained how Pachamama Alliance’s work in Ecuador spread to surrounding indigenous nations and expanded in later years.

Tracy Apple and International Community Development Manager Maisa Arias discussed how important working in community is at this moment in time, and celebrate the incredible work that Pachamama Alliance Communities are doing all over the world.

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Looking Forward

Bill Twist shared four exciting initiatives that Pachamama Alliance will be focusing on in the next era our of work.

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