15 Inspirational Moments from Our 2017 San Francisco Luncheon

Pachamama Alliance’s 2017 Annual Luncheon Fundraiser in San Francisco took place on Thursday, November 2. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us in person or online. We have compiled a list of highlights below of some of the most memorable moments.

Jungle Mamas Program Coordinator Narcisa Mashienta reflects on working with Pachamama Alliance for 20 years—how the collaboration has kept the oil in the ground, the land protected, and the people healthy—and a collective vision she shares with other indigenous women to protect future generations.

1. A Blessing from Manari Ushigua

We were honored to have Pachamama Alliance partner and Sápara Leader Manari Ushigua start off the event with a blessing.

2. “This is a time when people need to gather, which is what our work is about.” – Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist opened the event by connecting with current events, and sharing about the origins of the Pachamama Alliance, when we were asked to change the dream of the modern world by our indigenous partners in Ecuador.

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3. We Announced the Release of the Pachamama Alliance Global Commons, Our New Online Community

Mario Trigueros, Online Learning Manager, announced the launch of the Pachamama Alliance Global Commons, an online social tool where people from all over the world can connect and work together towards creating a new future for humanity.

Learn more about the Global Commons.

4. We Shared a Sneak Peak of the New Updates to the Awakening the Dreamer Program

Enjoy this video highlighting updates to the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium videos.

5. We Announced a New Program to Shift People’s Relationship to Global Warming from Hopelessness to Action

Tracy Apple from the Pachamama Alliance Programs Team introduced a new initiative in partnership with Paul Hawken. It focuses on the idea of Drawdown, the point in time when greenhouse gasses peak and then start to decrease, reversing global warming. The Drawdown Initiative is made up of courses that shift people’s relationship to global warming from one of hopelessness to one of possibility.

6. Author Paul Hawken Shared His Thoughts on a New Partnership with Pachamama Alliance

Paul Hawken explains that Pachamama Alliance’s strength is bringing people together, and that is what is needed at this time to address the challenges we face such as global warming.

7. A Full Overview of our Educational Programs

For all updates on our Educational Programs, watch Mario and Maisa’s full talk.

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8. “When you put indigenous people first, it’s not just about conservation. It’s about justice.” – Bill Twist

Pachamama Alliance Co-founder and CEO, Bill Twist, discussed how when you put indigenous people first, the work doesn’t end up being about conservation, it is about justice, human rights, human aspiration. It’s doing the work to build a mutually enhancing human-Earth relationship.

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9. We Shared a New Video Describing our Effort to Permanently Protect the Sacred Headwaters of the Amazon Rainforest

In this video, learn about the collaborative effort to permanently protect the most biodiverse place on the planet.

10. Bill Twist Shared How You Can Help Make the Sacred Headwaters Project a Reality

Bill Twist explains what it will take for the permanent protection of this region to become a reality. He highlights how Pachamama Alliance needs to be nimble and fluid to pursue a complex project such as this, and financial support from individuals is what makes that possible.

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11. “We Want to Leave this Region Without Any Pollution For Our Children” – Manari Ushigua

Sápara Leader, and long time ally to Pachamama Alliance, Manari Ushigua says what the permanent protection of the Sacred Headwaters means to his land and culture. Manari asks that everyone get involved to protect this region for future generations.

12. “Do not run from danger, confront it.” – John Perkins

Pachamama Alliance Co-founder John Perkins shared the powerful attitude that this work comes from, “The Achuar have a tradition that says they must not run from danger, they must move toward it, confront it…touch the jaguar.”

13. “How shall we live now on this planet, with each other, other species and the Earth?” – Lynne Twist

14. “It’s Fricken Game On, Baby.”

Pachamama Alliance Major Gifts Officer, Sara Vetter kicked off the fundraising portion of the event with a powerful summary of the program.

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Watch the Full Recording of the 2017 San Francisco Luncheon