Game Changer Intensive


After taking the Game Changer Intensive online course, people find their lives transformed. They feel empowered to take action in meaningful ways, both in their own communities and on a global level. The course enables participants to open up to what needs to be done at this momentous time in history to change the dream of humanity and join with others to create a brighter future for ourselves and our planet.

Thom Harrison, a recent Game Changer Intensive participant, wrote this inspiring poem after finishing the course:

Ode to the Game Changer

I am.

I am a dreamer,


changing my dream;

changing my game.

Here, now.

Inviting all who care,

inviting all,

on this journey deep into the wild,

into the dark, well-lit, stirring, joyous

places of belonging;

to sail on the ocean of no horizon,

upon the grace-full wave we are made of,

smiling, singing, embracing, dancing

in the perfect, boundless swirl of consciousness;

as we build a new old home and sit together

at the table, the hearth, in delicious conversation;

lovingly crafting a new old story of humanity.

remerging with and from the Earth we’ve always known,

feeling our roots stretch deep and wide,

graciously indulging that ecstatic urge

to expand–upward, outward, inward–

into the knew, awed light…


Now, reflecting that light on the path ahead–

a beaming lantern of starlight borne

by passionate hands and compassionate hearts–

walking and weaving the quantum story of life;

a cosmic tale of connection, spirit, justice.

A cosmic tale…

of connection, spirit, justice!

A story blessedly more real than reality himself.

Ready, so phenomenally ready

for our humble, happy, novel return.

Welcome home strange changer!

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