Planetary Conjunction

If you look to the East in the pre-dawn hours, from about 1.5 hours before sunrise and right up until the sun’s light begins to brighten the sky, you will witness a stunning show. Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury shimmer together before the sun raises its head above the horizon.

Planetary Trio and Venus/Jupiter Conjunction

On October 26, two exciting and unusual events will occur.

Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will align together in the sky, creating the year’s closest grouping of three planets. A planetary trio will not occur again until January 2021. The three planets will be very close together from October 24 through October 29. On October 26, they will be at their closest.

Also on October 26, as you gaze at the trio of planets, you will witness Jupiter and Venus in their third and final conjunction of 2015. The Jupiter and Venus pairings appear to form an extremely bright and stunning single star, and this same event is believed to be what created the Star of Bethlehem in the year 2 or 3 B.C.

The planetary conjunctions and planetary trio are visible from all locations on Earth.

All Five Closest Neighboring Planets Are Currently Visible

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, while you are staring in wonder at Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, look immediately above the horizon and you will see faintly-shining Mercury as well, just before dawn.

In fact, all five of the closest planets to Earth are visible to the naked eye in October 2015, in either the early morning or early evening. In addition to the four that you can see just before dawn, Saturn is now visible after nightfall in the Southwestern sky.

The Ancient Mystery of the Nighttime Sky

Indigenous and ancient peoples have looked to the sky, sun, moon, stars, and planets for millennia as seasonal markers, beacons of spirituality, and messages straight from the gods.

Watching the sky was important for the survival of the community for most of human history, because the endless shift of the stars and planets indicated when to plant certain crops, when to harvest, the best times to hunt, and the seasonal weather patterns to expect. Constellations and bright planets appearing at certain times of the year, and especially in the early evening or early morning sky, when people were most likely to be awake, indicated which food sources would be most readily available.

Ancient astronomy is an important component of the Dreamtime stories of the Aboriginal people of Australia. Aboriginal astronomy focuses on the Milky Way, and even the dark spaces between the stars and planets are important to their beliefs and stories. For example, the Kaurna people saw the Milky Way as a large river in which a Yura, or monster, lived in the dark patches.

Fascinatingly, many different ancient cultures from different continents came up with similar explanations for certain constellations and planetary groupings. For example, the constellation Orion was depicted as a hunter carrying a sword or great bow in Aboriginal Australia, ancient Greece, the Middle East, and Asia; ancient European cultures in the areas of Hungary, Finland, and Siberia; and North and Central American cultures. These similarities provide evidence of a deep collective human consciousness.

Protecting Indigenous Wisdom and Cultures

At the Pachamama Alliance, we deeply value the unique and important perspective that indigenous worldviews bring to modern society. We live at a critical time, as world leaders increasingly acknowledge that we must change our trajectory to save the planet. Understanding indigenous beliefs, and ensuring the survival of indigenous cultures around the world, will strengthen the peaceful and life-affirming aspects of our human presence on the Earth, and lead us to a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

We encourage you to read more about the Pachamama Alliance’s work to strengthen indigenous communities, stand for the Rights of Nature, seek social justice, protect the rainforest, and use the knowledge gained from this work to shift the culture of overconsumption in mainstream society today.

Support Indigenous Peoples and the Earth

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