On Wednesday, January 15th, the Pachamama Alliance hosted a live video conversation with visionary writer Charles Eisenstein. This interactive event was insightful, moving, and provocative and covered topics ranging from what a miracle truly means, to the convergence of spirituality and activism, to the shift to a “new” emerging story.

The New, Emerging Story

Charles Eisenstein’s talk focused on the stories we tell ourselves about the way the world works. The old story that we are now leaving says that cause and effect is simple and one-way: you work to make something happen and if you are successful, it happens, regardless of anything else that might be happening in the world.

The new, emerging story is one of inter-being in a living universe – everything affects everything else and our very existence depends on the existence of others. Charles Eisenstein says, “When you live in [the] new story that we are all interconnected and inter-existent with every thing… anything that you do has an effect on everything, and everything that happens to you happens to everybody, and everything that happens in the world happens to yourself. If that is your foundational premise, then many of the things that our hearts call us to do are no longer illogical because you know that this invisible act of compassion is creating and strengthening the field of compassion for other people in similar situations to act in the same way.”

Miracles: An Invitation to a Larger Reality

Within this paradigm, Eisenstein explains that a miracle takes on a new significance. He says, “A miracle is not a violation of physics. A miracle is something that is not possible from the old story, but is possible from the new story.” Thus, when you experience a miracle, you are receiving an invitation to a larger reality than the one you currently know.

Are Environmentalists Stuck in a Mentality of War?

Eisenstein also discusses the environmental movement and suggests that it is being held back by a war mentality. He explains, “[In} the mentality of war, you sacrifice everything for the sake of something all-important that trumps all… I’m suspicious of that.” This is problematic because a war mentality follows the logic of the old story. Eisenstein continues, “If we’re just taking the same old mentalities and habits and applying them to a new object… [tackling] climate change instead of the conquest of nature – that’s not a deep enough revolution.”

The Convergence of Spirituality and Activism

During the conversation, Eisenstein considers the tension between spirituality and activism, but ultimately reveals where they converge. “I’m sympathetic of the discomfort activists have toward spirituality…You have to do your personal work first, but how do you do the personal work if not through relationship, through the mirroring of the world?”

Hear the Full Audio

Here’s the full audio of our conversation with Charles Eisenstein. Be sure to share this beautiful and inspiring conversation with your friends!

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