Today is, sadly, my last day as an intern at The Pachamama Alliance, which means this is my last blog post. I wanted to end my wonderful time here by sharing a little bit about my experience, so I have decided to make a top five list of what I learned as an intern here.

  1. Working for an NGO is incredibly rewarding ~ You know that everyday you are working towards a greater good and contributing to something postive that is much bigger than yourself. It proves that one person can have the ability to make a difference when working with other like-minded people.
  2. There are a lot of people to have faith in in this world ~ All of the Pacha people — the employees, donors, social media followers, and friends — are helping contribute to envisioning and creating a more socially just planet.
  3. Cubicles are no fun ~ An open plan office, as featured at The Pachamama Alliance is great for inter-office dynamics and accountability.
  4. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest can be a great way to promote social change and inspire people ~ As part of the Communications Department I utilized social media to share my blog posts and other relevant stories, videos, and images. I never knew the power that social media had in engaging with followers and fans!
  5. San Francisco is an amazing city to live in ~ The Pachamama Alliance is located in the Presidio, a beautiful area near the ocean and surrounded by eucalyptus and redwood trees. I bused or biked to work every day, and walked all over the city during my free time. Also, I was never hot one summer day in the city!

If you would like more information on internships with The Pachamama Alliance, please contact Lindsay Dyson at